18 minutes to unite 1 million Jews
Global Chanukah event

18 minutes to unite 1 million Jews

CHANUKAH is celebrated each year by millions of people around the world but for the first time in history, this year it can be celebrated by everyone together.

This Thursday at 6am, members of the Australian Jewish community are set to join the Global Chanukah initiative, which will unite Jews from countries around the world.

Following the success of the 18 for 18 online Lag b’Omer campaign, the event will present “an 18 minute high-impact online Jewish experience like never before” featuring world leaders, Jewish celebrities and personalities, and children from across the globe.

“The world has witnessed much darkness this year,” said co-spokespeople for the event Rabbis Mendel Haller and Yaakov Glasman, “Yet Chanukah celebrates our ability to overcome impossible odds and band together to generate hope, goodness and light to dispel the world’s darkness.”

They added, “The Global Chanukah initiative will see Jews from cities across the globe come together in a united global effort to inspire and to be inspired.

“Chanukah teaches us that a small group, when united, can overcome the greatest obstacles and can illuminate the world.

“We encourage everyone who can to log on during our time zone and become part of history.”

For more information, visit www.chanukah.global

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