A new go-to for community services

A new go-to for community services

Sharon Lowe, founder of new digital hub the Social Blueprint, explains why supporting each other in practical ways can help our Jewish community build strength and connection.

The Social Blueprint team
The Social Blueprint team.

The Social Blueprint is a new community hub website offering a comprehensive, one stop-shop for a wide range of Jewish community needs in Victoria. Embracing all backgrounds without judgement, it is an online platform that connects people to Jewish-focused organisations, services, businesses, and events.

Sharon Lowe, founder of the Social Blueprint, tells us more about how the portal was set up as a means for aid, community service and connection.

What was the motivation behind starting the Social Blueprint?

The Social Blueprint stemmed from an internal project at one of Victoria’s community cornerstones, C Care.

While C Care’s core mission is to support those who are experiencing food insecurity and social isolation, there were other forms of aid that recipients were seeking. It became apparent that there was no single directory that is searchable and easy to access. While the Social Blueprint website started off as an aid resource, an events calendar and business sections were added to create more reasons for users to visit and come back more frequently.

How does the Social Blueprint help to enhance connections within the community?

We provide a space for everyone to see events in one spot, so they are aware of what else is going on in the community. This aids organisations when planning events, as well as informing individuals of what events are on each day in the community. If organisations need products or services, we can connect them with businesses and source solutions.

Staying true to our DNA of wanting to change lives is key to the long-term strength of the team. This mantra resonates throughout the entire team and is a key pillar that bonds all those involved. Connecting community, business and social has such a broad meaning and encompasses and empowers every facet within a state, national and global footprint. Helping the Jewish community and everyone who supports us, supporting each other’s businesses, and helping each other thrive with dignity and purpose contributes to our livelihood and wellbeing as well as social responsibility.

There are many ways organisations can give back by utilising a business’ service. For example, Global Media Brands generously donated their time and video services in producing the Shana Tova videos for the Social Blueprint, as well as allowing us to kick off their Challah Knife campaign.

What are the range of businesses and services listed on the portal?

The range of businesses featured on the Social Blueprint range from home improvement services to gift ideas, health services, finance companies and hospitality. The list is endless.

We are inviting all community organisations and businesses to list their offerings on the site for free to support each other. Between the effects of COVID and the rise in antisemitism in the world, we need to support each other. There is never a more important time to build community and strength in a world full of uncertainty and instability.

What are some benefits members will receive?

Anyone can access the website for free. Members, who can join for free, get access to the exclusive discount section of the site and will be informed first about new additions and promotions. We will be adding some exciting opportunities for members in the near future as well!

Visit thesocialblueprint.org.au for more information or to become a free member.


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