A new style of catering
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A new style of catering

Michael Atlas from Beaches Catering has seen almost everything throughout his decades in the catering industry. And the latest trend is delightfully paired back.

The team behind Beaches Catering have been around for a couple of decades now, so they know a thing or two about changing trends.

One thing they’ve noticed lately, is the move to a scaled down affair when it comes to functions, where the focus is on what is being celebrated, rather than how.

“Clients have different priorities. Those who want to have grand functions, it’s with the greatest of pleasure that we work with them to create this,” Michael Atlas shared.

“But because we’ve seen a more scaled down trend lately, we’ve created the Island of Appetisers.”

It’s a more cost-effective solution offering different cuisines from all over the world with chefs on hand at each station to serve guests. While it’s certainly more price conscious, it doesn’t take away from the quality and presentation of the food.

Beautiful presentation and delicious to eat.

“Our goal is to ensure the client feels like they are a guest at their simcha,” Atlas explained.

“We take away the stress on the day, we take complete charge, and we go from A to Z.”

Beaches can take care of everything, down to the drinks and the linen, to ensure clients are getting the best bang for their buck and are cared for throughout the entire process.

For the team at Beaches, it’s all about ensuring the vision of their clients is translated into beautiful menus, stress-free functions, and cost-effective catering.

To contact Beaches, call Michael on 0419 404 444 or email beaches@bigpond.net.au

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