A sweet spotlight on NSW sugar
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A sweet spotlight on NSW sugar

The NSW sugar industry is small, but it packs a rather big (and sweet) punch.

Local success

On the face of it, the NSW sugar industry is small, but it packs a rather big punch, with direct supply lines into 35 per cent of the domestic market at the retail and industrial food manufacturing level.

Sunshine Sugar is the retail name used for the NSW sugar industry, which supports more than 500 farming families and over 1000 direct and indirect employees. From paddock to pack, the NSW sugar industry is certified sustainable under the international Bonsucro Standard, which has a vision for a sugarcane sector with thriving, sustainable producer communities and resilient, assured supply chains.

“We are the only Australian-owned operation, if you are talking about the total operation from the farmer through to the refinery,” Sunshine Sugar CEO Chris Connors said.

Sunshine Sugar is a partnership between the grower-owned NSW Sugar Milling Co-operative and the Australian family-owned business, Manildra Group; and is the only 100 per cent Australian owned producer of raw and refined sugar products. Sunshine Sugar owns and operates sugar mills at Harwood, Broadwater and Condong, and a refinery co-located at Harwood. In fact, the Harwood Mill is the longest running sugar mill in Australia, having commenced operation in 1874.

Exclusive and natural

Sunshine Sugar produces the only low GI sugar offering on the market.

Sunshine Sugar Low GI Sugar is raw sugar that retains the naturally occurring and beneficial antioxidants. 100 per cent natural, low GI sugar is more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolised – resulting in a lower and slower rise in blood glucose.

Advancements ahead

In addition to low GI sugar, an Aqua Botanical Water diversification project by Sunshine Sugar is underway, which involves extracting the water from the cane.

“Our theme is we grow water. There is a huge amount of water inside the cane, so instead of sending it back into the streams, we take that and put it through a plant and then bottle it. It is probably the best water you could get as it has no impurities in it,” Connors explained.

“One of our strengths in NSW is that all of our growers – almost 500 of them – are members of NSW Cane Growers. Sharing equipment, like harvesters, is also a feature of the NSW sugarcane industry, with a number of formal and informal co-ops and contractor groups operating in the area. Farmers are also happy to help each other out with tips to boost productivity”.

Sunshine Sugar’s white and raw sugar products are available nationally at Costco.
Sunshine low GI sugar can be found in ALDI stores across Australia or online through Amazon. For more information, visit sunshinesugar.com.au.

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