Bequests and legacies
Planned Giving

Bequests and legacies

Planned Giving is a highly specialised form of fundraising helping JNF raise millions of dollars for its important project work in Israel.

Members of the Jewish community will be aware of bequests and legacies as important foundational building blocks for the successful development of their favourite charities. This highly specialised form of fundraising has developed considerably from the days when bequests were merely a suggestion made to an elderly donor who may be prepared to name the charity in their will.

Now, it has transformed into a skilled area of the fundraising sector, referred to as Planned Giving.

The new term incorporates the modern approach to leaving money, real estate or other property to a charity. This is increasingly attractive to those within the community, interested in both maximising the benefits of their hard work and achievements for the coming generations, and at the same time, minimising tax and other imposts that may otherwise occur.

The Jewish National Fund of Australia has been at the forefront in this area of fundraising for many years and has developed products and methods resulting in millions of dollars being raised for its important project work in Israel.

Recognising that there is a strong human face to fundraising, important relationship building, which must always precede and follow a person’s financial commitment, is a strong element in JNF’s approach. Detailed explanations of the type of work that is undertaken in Israel are always given to intending bequestors, as well as tours to projects of interest for those who are visiting Israel. Funds donated by bequestors to the Jewish National Fund of Australia work hard in Israel, building and preserving our homeland.

For more information about making a gift in your will to Israel please contact Len Mahemoff OAM, Planned Giving Consultant, on (02) 9386 9559 or

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