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All spice rubs at Black Market Spice Merchants are kosher certified and pareve, and FODMAP friendly.

With the summer barbecue season at hand there is always a search for ways to spice up (pun intended) the chef’s barbecue offerings.

Black Market Spice Merchants bring you the most majestic spice rubs and seasonings, all made in Melbourne. Whether used for barbecue purposes or otherwise, every single one of their spice rubs helps you create a masterpiece.

The range of quality spice rubs and seasonings are ground and mixed by hand to create a harmony of flavours.

Every blend is made in small batches to ensure the perfect balance. All rubs are 100 per cent natural, with no additives or fillers. However because of this sometimes clumping can occur. Consumers can rest assured that this is a completely normal occurrence and it does not affect flavour at all.

One of the biggest missions faced at Black Market Spice Merchants was making sure that all spice rubs are 100 per cent FODMAP friendly.

As a general rule, almost all spice rubs and seasonings on the market today contain garlic, onion and additives. Black Market Spice Merchants wanted to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy all the flavours that the world has to offer regardless of dietary restrictions. And as a result of the ir efforts, their products are all certified low FODMAP.

All products are kosher certified and pareve under the strict supervision of Kosher Australia. The following recently announced products are only the latest additions to the list:

  • Alabama Smokehouse
  • Caribbean Jerk
  • New York Deli


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