Bringing home an artistic touch

Bringing home an artistic touch

Opening her studio to the public for the first time, Melbourne-based artist Jacqueline Tiepermann pours her heart into each of her pieces, and invites people to bring life and colour into their homes through her works.

Artist Jacqueline Tiepermann with some of her works in her Balaclava studio.
Artist Jacqueline Tiepermann with some of her works in her Balaclava studio.

“We believe we live in the world, when in fact, the world lives in each of us,” reflected artist Jacqueline Tiepermann.

Offering a glimpse into her world, and her memories of milestone moments of joy, sadness and change throughout her life, Tiepermann has had her creations displayed in public spaces around the world, and has received acclaim for the colours, movement and emotions that burst through each of her art pieces.

The Sydney-sider began her artistic career creating commissions for a property developer before moving to Melbourne in the early ’90s. She held her first solo exhibition in 2008 at Brightspace Gallery in St Kilda.

Since then Tiepermann has had solo exhibitions in Queensland, various galleries in Sydney, George Billis gallery in Los Angeles, Laguna Beach Gallery of Contemporary Art, and most recently at Manyung Gallery in Melbourne in 2019.

Opening her studio in Balaclava for the first time, Tiepermann will be showcasing works from her Nushi, Wallaroy, Windows and Reason, Season, Lifetime collections.


Nushi, a collection started in 2015 that was dedicated to and named after Tiepermann’s late husband Hans, tells the love story that the couple shared.

“Love. That’s what Nushi is all about. Not just for Hans, but for life,” said Tiepermann of the collection. “Nushi is neither morbid nor sad; it is a love story, stories of memories, companionship, passion, but most of all love. At the time

I had no idea how important this body of work would be to my recovery.”


Wallaroy reflects the time in the 1980s that Tiepermann and her family spent living on Wallaroy Road in the Sydney suburb of Woollahra.

“It was the happiest era of my life … the word that comes to mind describing this body of work is abundance – reflecting life, love and laughter,” explained Tiepermann.

“We lived in an English country-style residence tucked away from sight. Secluded, serene, peaceful and tranquil, the house was sun-drenched thanks to the French doors opening into the gardens, which reflected and contributed to the overall blissful ambience.

“The atmosphere was relaxed with the laughter of children being the order of the day, heightened by a constant stream of friends and family who came during the week for impromptu meals and a chat.

“All of these memories have inspired this collection – Wallaroy was my Camelot.”


A slight divergence from Tiepermann’s signature works that are bursting with colour, each piece of the Windows series, in Tiepermann’s words, offers “a blank canvas due to each painting being almost devoid of colour”.

An array of sculptured flora (made entirely of oil paint) surrounding a window is a constant throughout the series.

“Windows is certainly romantic. It is my desire that the reaction from a painting for a possessor changes constantly – inviting depth of thought and always uplifting one’s emotional state,” explained Tiepermann.

“The Windows series is not about an individual, but a lifetime of past memories, and present or future desires.”

Reason, Season, Lifetime

“People come into your life for a reason, or a season, or a lifetime,” reflected Tiepermann.

“This body of works speaks about precious souls that have been in, or still are, part of my life. These people have taught, loved, given, guided me throughout the course on my life and continue to do so.”

A creative vision

Along with establishing herself as a recognised artist, Tiepermann has also achieved success in her career in fashion and commerce, and is now looking to further expand her expertise into interior design consulting.

“By popular demand, I have started an interior design advisory service, encompassing furnishing and lighting, as well as advice on artwork suitable for a home,” she said.

“Whether you are planning an interior refurbishment, downsizing, renovating, or building, you may well find the appropriate art piece in my studio, and suitable advice to help with your decorative needs.”

Jacqueline Tiepermann’s studio is at Beller House, 1st floor, 281 Carlisle Street, Balaclava. For more information, visit or call 0411 506 588.

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