Continuing the connection

Continuing the connection

The mission of the JNForever group is to strengthen the bond and a lifetime partnership of the community with the State of Israel.

The JNForever group, established three years ago as a collective of like-minded supporters of Israel, holds monthly events with inspiring speakers, professionals, entertainers and delicious morning teas.

Over the past two years, JNForever has become fluid in their attitude towards offering events and community support, using Zoom to host numerous guest speakers from across the country and the globe.

Bringing in people to share their time and expertise without hesitation has allowed the JNF community to pull through collectively and raise the human spirit. JNForever has transformed a possible overwhelming situation into positive, engaging, educational and optimistic opportunities.

One of their best events has involved the self-proclaimed “Happiest Man on Earth”, Eddie Jaku. A 101-year-old Holocaust survivor, Jaku sat impeccably dressed and perfectly articulated on a modern device and shared his life wisdom with the audience.

People have also had the honour of hearing from Prof. Lisa Jackson Pulver AM on two occasions, speaking effortlessly on different topics with intellect and resolve. Live challah braiding has also been taught from Israel with the ‘Challah Prince’ Idan Chabasov, and groups have been taken on vibrant virtual tours across Israel, showcasing the JNF-supported projects around the country. Participants were able to enjoy the amazing feeling of experiencing the essence of JNF’s important work with everything they saw and felt.

JNForever group is proud of their strong and resilient community and will continue to encourage people to stay united and positive despite the global pandemic. Their mission is to strengthen the bond and a lifetime partnership of the community with the State of Israel.

For those interested in expanding their support for Israel, leaving a bequest is an incredibly meaningful and benevolent act to do for your family and in perpetuity. For enquiries into bequests, contact Legacy Manager Jackie Chait at 1300 563 563. For more information on JNForever events, visit

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