Creations of love to last a lifetime
Wedding art

Creations of love to last a lifetime

Melbourne artist Ryan Abramowitz creates personalised ketubot for couples, using inspiration from his clients’ love stories to design the sacred Jewish contract of matrimony.

Since 2015, artist Ryan Abramowitz has helped bring a touch of artistic beauty and symbolism to Jewish weddings with the beauty and individuality of his hand-designed ketubot for couples to cherish as they sew their souls together under the chuppah and for years to come.

From magical natural settings with vivid flora and fauna and colourful, modern and simplistic patterns, to skylines and vast landscapes, Ryan encourages couples to dream up a design of special significance, one that embodies where they first met or the distinctive characteristics of their relationship. Passionate about catering for all couples, Ryan says: “Everyone deserves to have a ketubah that they love. I want people to feel that it is accessible.”

Both pre-designed and bespoke pieces are on offer to couples, from the simplest design to a unique and elaborate masterpiece – to serve different budgets and aesthetic preferences. Through intimate conversations with couples, Ryan works to unearth special details and preferences to ensure that the ketubah represents the uniqueness of each couple’s love and marriage and can be proudly displayed into the future. “Every artwork is painted with love, to celebrate love, and to celebrate life – in all the beautiful and boundless ways this exists,” said Ryan, who is honoured to be chosen by couples to design such a significant document and be part of such an intimate moment in their lives.

Josh and Marissa with their Paired Peony Ketubah

At the request of couples, Ryan has begun to diversify into other materials, such as embroidered linen and gold gilding, and remains open-minded to new technologies to achieve the perfect artwork. A wide variety of pre-painted art pieces are available for couples to choose from for their ketubah background design, which can then be presented to the couple’s rabbi to ensure it is kosher. Ryan, who has designed over 130 ketubot, still says he loves his work because “it just brings so much joy. Every couple’s love story is different so it’s always unique”.

“There is a magic in meeting a couple, hearing their love story and harnessing the resulting inspiration to drive the realisation of a design which celebrates the motifs, metaphors, meanings and memories relevant to them.”

Other than tailor-made ketubot, Ryan also creates bespoke blessings, invitations and thank you cards, which Ryan said “allows me to cultivate my love for artistic creation and Jewish identity with my inner romantic celebration of love stories”. While painting ketubot continues to be Ryan’s most loved task, he is keen to venture out and begin painting art for the entire mishpocha, and for all of life’s simchas, and has launched a new series – the ‘Kinderlach Collection’ – which is designed for nurseries, bedrooms, playrooms and other spaces, created for kids and kinderlach, big and small.

Ryan Abramowitz’s ketubah gallery is available for viewing at To discuss how Ryan can create a bespoke piece of art for your wedding, contact him on 0432 343 974 or at

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