Creativity on the menu at Montefiore
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Creativity on the menu at Montefiore

Variety, Shabbat and festival feasts, global flavours, and hands-on experiences - all part and parcel at Monte.

Yvonne Kay making pizza
Phyllis Folk making challah

Kosher dining at Montefiore Residential Care offers more variety than ever, spanning traditional Shabbat and festival feasts, global flavours, and hands-on experiences.

Food is about so much more than the ingredients on the plate – it can evoke memories, take us to another place, and bring us together to enjoy the pleasure of conversation and companionship over a shared table.

That’s why the team at Montefiore Residential Care focus not only on fresh, seasonal kosher fare for wellbeing and nutrition, but on making food a highlight for residents with special Shabbat and festival meals and an array of creative dining and interactive experiences.

“Most residents generally dine with us for every meal, so both quality and variety are hugely important when it comes to the menus our chefs prepare daily at each of our campuses,” says Gabbie Budai, General Manager of Client Experience.

“At the same time, food is at the heart of our community and culture, so we all love working together to create those special moments for residents.”

The taste of tradition

Phyllis Folk making challah

The kitchen team works closely with the Spiritual and Cultural department on celebrating Shabbat and festivals, to create something special for residents, as well as family and friends, when COVID-19 restrictions allow.

For festivals like Pesach and Rosh Hashanah, tables are set with themed decorations, Succot sees afternoon tea in the Succah, while latkes and doughnuts will soon be on the menu for Chanukah.

World flavours

Culinary armchair travel has been more important than ever for residents during the pandemic, as Catering and Leisure & Lifestyle teams have collaborated on a range of special experiences for residents encompassing cultural engagement, hands-on cooking, and enjoying kosher global flavours together in the dining rooms.

Everyone enoyed gnocchi-making classes, pasta night, New York-style pizza, Mexican and Spanish fiestas and crepes Suzette for Bastille Day.

Spotlight on nutrition

There’s another, more serious aspect to food for people living in residential care. Montefiore chefs plan their menus in conjunction with on-staff dietitians and speech pathologists to meet health guidelines and ensure nutritious, appetising meals, including those for people with limited diets due to medical issues.

“There is lots of collaboration from an Allied Health perspective to help ensure the dining experience is as inclusive and enjoyable as possible for residents,” explains Montefore Dietetics Manager Jenna-Rae Hallam.

“Dietitians and speech pathologists review each menu with catering, as well as providing clinical advice for people with specific needs. Dietary coordinators ensure that allergies and preferences are taken into account, while occupational therapists may help to promote independence at mealtimes.

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Kosher living at M by Montefiore

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