Educating the Jewish community with pride

Educating the Jewish community with pride

Embracing and celebrating diversity and language.

Caulfield Junior College is a Victorian Government School that celebrates diversity and language. In 2004, the United Jewish Education Board’s (UJEB) Hebrew Immersion Program (HIP) was established to create a learning environment for language and culture for the local Jewish community. Following its sustained success, the program now operates in several government schools in the Caulfield area.

This valuable partnership supports the school’s Jewish families who want their traditions, celebrations and culture taught to their children by a team of teachers organised by UJEB.

UJEB’s Executive Principal, Itzik Sztokman, values the relationship it shares with the school in enabling UJEB to support their shared communities.

“Our children have the opportunity to learn about their language and culture, and the school community embraces and celebrates a rich cultural diversity. This local HIP program allows our children to learn Hebrew and connect to culture in a local school, close to home in an inclusive and supportive community environment.”

Caulfield Junior College regularly celebrates a wide range of cultural events, including Chinese New Year, Bastille Day, Divali, Pesach and Succot. A delighted parent at the school, Emily Nadelman, has commented: “How wonderful it is to be at a school that celebrates diversity and learning from others.”

As a local school, Caulfield Junior College is committed to working closely with UJEB to ensure that community and cultural opportunity is something that is celebrated with pride.

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