Frydenberg and Lewin: Pandemic pioneers
AICC lunch in Melbourne

Frydenberg and Lewin: Pandemic pioneers

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and director of the Doherty Institute Professor Sharon Lewin praised each another for their support during COVID-19 pandemic at AICC lunch.

AICC chairman Leon Kempler (left) with Sharon Lewin and Josh Frydenberg.Photo: Dean Schmideg

TWO of the Jewish community’s leading names, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and director of the Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity Professor Sharon Lewin, praised each another for their support during the pandemic as they addressed the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce luncheon at Melbourne’s Palladium at Crown last week.

“Sharon has not just been a thought leader through this crisis, but is someone who has put those thoughts and hard work into action,” said Frydenberg, who acknowledged the Doherty Institute as “absolutely critical in helping the prime minister, national cabinet and the government in setting those targets of 70 and 80 per cent vaccination rates”.

Lewin thanked Frydenberg “for the extraordinary job he and the federal government have done in balancing health and the economy during this very difficult time in history”.

“Australia’s secret to success in COVID has not been because of our geography, it’s not been because of our weather, our ability to close the borders or just luck. It is a result of outstanding leadership at both state and federal levels, trust in and support for science and partnerships with you, the community,” she said.

Frydenberg noted that Israel is Australia’s 45th largest trading partner and the third highest country represented in terms of foreign listings on the ASX. But, he said, the relationship is “much more than just an economic partnership, it’s also people-to-people links”.

Acknowledging the government’s efforts in strengthening the friendship, he spoke about the introduction of a double taxation agreement as well as agreements on air services, innovation and defence industry cooperation.

With the federal government establishing a trade and defence office in West Jerusalem, the first annual strategic talks between the country’s defence officials have officially begun.

“This speaks to the incredible importance and activity in the economic partnership between Australia and Israel and long may that continue,” said Frydenberg.

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