Frydenberg ‘targeted by racist extremists’
Threats to Treasurer

Frydenberg ‘targeted by racist extremists’

The Australian Federal Police have been called in to protect Treasurer Josh Frydenberg after threats were made against him during the COVID-19 pandemic.

An emotional Josh Frydenberg at the Jewish Holocaust Centre last year. Photo: Peter Haskin
An emotional Josh Frydenberg at the Jewish Holocaust Centre last year. Photo: Peter Haskin

RACIST extremists were reportedly behind threats made to Josh Frydenberg during the coronavirus crisis, prompting the Australian Federal Police to issue 24/7 protection for the Treasurer.

Frydenberg confirmed the threats on national media this morning (Wednesday), stating while they “may be” unsettling for him and his family, “At the same time I’ve got an important job to do.

“There are many lives on the line right now in terms of ensuring the economy bounces back, ensuring the health restrictions are adhered to and that’s what I, and the prime minister and our parliamentary colleagues across both sides of the political divide, have been focusing on.”

It is the first time an Australian treasurer has been issued with around-the-clock security.

Condemning the incident, Anti-Defamation Commission chairman Dvir Abramovich told The AJN, “Let us remember that words can turn violent and that we are better than this ugly and dangerous behaviour.

“At a time when we as a nation are pulling together to fight this coronavirus pandemic, there are evil forces out there who are intent on attacking our leaders through a blizzard of jaw-dropping racism.”

In May last year, Hitler moustaches, devil horns and the words “right wing facist (sic)” appeared on Frydenberg’s election posters.

Frydenberg said at the time, “This latest act of vandalism in Kooyong using Nazi symbols on a billboard of mine is an insult to every victim of the Holocaust and Australian servicemen and women who fought against Nazi tyranny.

“To think that this cowardly and criminal act was committed just days after Holocaust Remembrance Day shows how ignorant the perpetrators are of the horrors of history.”

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