Inspiring and aspiring young artists
Youth Art Competition

Inspiring and aspiring young artists

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2021 B'Nai B'rith Youth Art Competition.

From left: Captain America - The Winter Soldier Costume, by Yaakov Frenkel, Raizy, by Chana Pesha Faigenbaum and A Plea to His Maker, by Sheina Goldhirsch
From left: Captain America - The Winter Soldier Costume, by Yaakov Frenkel, Raizy, by Chana Pesha Faigenbaum and A Plea to His Maker, by Sheina Goldhirsch

With more than 180 entries for this year’s competition, the B’nai B’rith Jewish Youth Art Competition 2021 was sure to be competitive. A mixture of paintings, drawings, sculptures, mixed media and photography was submitted, wowing the judges with the calibre of talent.

The judging panel for 2021 was made up of Esther Erlich, painter and sculptor; Dr Anthony White, a lecturer in art history with the University of Melbourne; Myer Bloom, former lecturer in photography and video; and Victor Majzner, artist and former head of painting at Victorian College of the Arts.

While originally the entries were slated to be displayed at the Glen Eira Town Hall, due to the state-wide lockdown the competition moved online.

Digital photos of all artworks were uploaded online and are currently on display in several virtual galleries, meaning art enthusiasts can enjoy them from the comfort of their own homes, no matter where they are in the world.

The competition has been running for the past 26 years, and despite the challenge presented by COVID last year and presently, the exhibition still presents an invaluable chance for the community to support local up-and-coming artistic talent.

According to Dr Benny Monheit, president of B’nai B’rith Victoria, the entries this year were diverse.

“They have experimented with mixing different types of media, produced interesting portraits and striking sculptures,” he said.

Mark Rubinstein, chair of the organising committee, acknowledged the huge amount of work that went into the competition this year, especially as just a few days prior to the competition closing, Melbourne was plunged into lockdown.

“We recognised that another lockdown was a real possibility, especially given the infectious nature of the coronavirus Delta strain, and had asked students to submit digital photos of their artwork via an online artwork system, just in case,” he said.

Rubinstein thanked everyone who had put in such a huge effort to make the competition and the virtual gallery so successful, including the generous sponsors, the judging panel, art teachers, the organising committee and numerous others who offered their support.

“Congratulations to all our aspiring young artists,” he added.

The prize winners 

Morrie Gold Memorial Prize for overall winner in 2021:
Chana Pesha Faigenbaum 

Sculpture (11-13 years) 

  1. Benjamin Lotzoff 
  2. Jasmine Morris 
  3. Mia Guberman 

Sculpture (14-18 years) 

  1. Georgia Troski 
  2. Neve Errez 
  3. Shira Sztrochlic 

Mixed Media (11-15 years) 

  1. Emily Givoni 
  2. Shterna Cohen 
  3. Devorah Leah Dickshtein 

Mixed Media (16-18 years) 

  1. Jordana Marks 
  2. Amber Kausman 
  3. Mia Albios 

Painting and Drawing (11-13 years) 

  1. Benji Alderman 
  2. Zev Gordon 
  3. Rafael Shaw 

Painting and Drawing (14-15 years) 

  1. Yaakov Frenkel 
  2. Asher Szkolnik 
  3. Keira Potash 

Painting and Drawing (16-18 years) 

  1. Kari Boymal 
  2. Shylie Ashtamkar 
  3. Tali Reuben 

Peter Krafel Memorial Photography 

  1. Ashleigh Kaplan 
  2. Leora Berkovits 
  3. Gabi Levy 

Jeffrey Wiener Portraiture/ Caricature 

  1. Rachel Feldman 
  2. Shmuli Cohen 
  3. Saskia Durra 

Thalia Hakin Memorial Prize
Raffi Jenshel 

Jewish Theme Prize
Sheina Goldhirsch 

Raymond and Leah Black Prize
Chana Stern 

Judges’ Special Commendation 

  1. Ariella Berzon 
  2. Amelie Cher 
  3. Toby Lewin

Virtual galleries of all entries and winners can be found on B’nai B’rith’s website


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