JCA sets ‘critical’ July 1 target
'We are JCA'

JCA sets ‘critical’ July 1 target

With 25 organisations relying on the community to support JCA's campaign, JCA president Ian Sandler says the $15 million target is ambitious, but necessary.

JCA president Ian Sandler said it's critical to reach $10-million by July 1.
JCA president Ian Sandler said it's critical to reach $10-million by July 1.

JCA’s 2022 campaign has captured the community’s imagination this year with an innovative approach to showcasing different sectors that require funding on a week-by-week basis.

Featuring heartfelt stories and experiences by community members of how funding has changed their lives, JCA’s impact has been felt in all corners.

“Each year, we go to the community and tell them how important it is that we support each other,” said JCA president Ian Sandler.

“Each year, the need grows, and our services and programs develop to ensure people have what they need. 2022 is no different. Only with the community’s support can we reach our target. A target at $15M is ambitious but necessary.”

With 25 organisations relying on the community to support JCA’s campaign, many of the CEOs filmed by JCA pointed out the symbiotic relationship between the two organisations, highlighting how integral the funding was to them.

“When people ask me why they should give to JCA, I think about the kind of community I want to have for me and my children, not today, not tomorrow, not next year, but in a generation, and JCA ensures that our communal funds are used in the most responsible way,” said Rabbi Alon Meltzer from Shalom.

CEO of JewishCare Gary Groves said, “Any donation to JCA will contribute to and help rebuild people’s lives.”

Acting CEO of COA Sydney Sabina Kovadlo said being part of JCA allows COA to do what they do best, “which is look after our people, while JCA focuses on fundraising.”

“We’re the place that takes care of your mum and dad, but we need support,” she said.

“We love what we do, but we need the community to support us. By supporting JCA, you support COA.”

Principal of Mount Sinai College Phil Robert said JCA is vital to the school.

“In reality, we are JCA. Every single one of the constituent organisations is JCA, and their success is our success, and our success is their success, so it’s incredibly important to build that sense of community cohesion because we are all the beneficiaries of it,” he said.

With over 2000 donors already committed to the campaign, JCA needs to make it to $10M by 1 July to be on track for an overall campaign target of $15M by the end of 2022.

Make a difference and donate: jca.org.au

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