Jewish-Israeli artist on display at Sydney gallery
New exhibition

Jewish-Israeli artist on display at Sydney gallery

Sydney’s Redbase Art Gallery is hosting a new exhibition featuring Jewish-Israeli artist Michal Heiman.

The show ‘Traversing Time and Space’ will be on exhibition until May 22. The exhibit displays three of Heiman’s most significant series featuring her Domino series, Book Spine series and Radical Link: A new Community of Women series.

Heiman, who is based in Tel-Aviv, has worked between art, psychoanalysis, photography, diagnosis and human rights. Complimenting her role as a prominent Israeli artist and curator, she also is a theoretician, activist and member of the Tel-Aviv Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Her art has been recognised at leading galleries in Germany, Tel Aviv, Japan, Holland, New York, Melbourne and more.

In this solo exhibition, Heiman creates artwork that unpacks issues of neglected histories, focusing on her research that looks at marginalised yet courageous women.

Her unique style combines multiple techniques to create subjects that transport viewers through space and time. Playing with various artistic techniques she uses a range of subjects like family members, artists, activists, attorneys, migrant workers, writers, asylum seekers, doctors and more.

Nancy … Director of Redbase Gallery is very excited to have Heiman’s works on display. “Through this exhibition, one would be able to dive into the lineage and links of the neglected histories and the Visual aspects of anonymous, marginalised and revolutionary women,” she said.

A feature artwork on display is a chequered dress that Heiman produced to resemble one worn by women in the Surrey County Asylum. Heiman drew inspiration from Dr Hugh Welch Diamond’s 1855 photographs of the women in the asylum. In these images, Heiman felt like they portrayed a version of her younger self. So, she intended on creating a series that explores these everyday moments of recognition.

Her work focused on book spines is also fascinating. The collection is a series of sonograms that are digitally printed scans. Each scan includes an archival novel cover, along with the artist’s face or hand.

Challenging societal customs, Heiman creates engaging work that will provoke thought and curiosity within viewers.

Michal Heiman’s exhibition will be running until May 22. For more information, visit the gallery website.


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