Joanna Landau – Ethical Tribing

Joanna Landau – Ethical Tribing

Maurice Klein speaks with Joanna Landau, founder and Chair of the Board of VIBE Israel, and co-author of the book, “Ethical Tribing”.  For well over a decade, Vibe Israel has established itself as the leader in the field of digital influencer tours of Israel. VIBE’s highly curated tours are offered exclusively to digital influencers with very large followings, on all social media platforms that the Next Gen is active on. Each tour focuses on an area of global interest that Israel excels at. Published January 2023 and already a best seller, “Ethical Tribing: Connecting the Next Generation to Israel in the Digital Era”offers a paradigm shifting, creative approach to addressing some of the most acutely pressing questions facing the Jewish people today. “It deserves to be widely read and meticulously applied.”  According to President Isaac Herzog of The State Of Israel. Follow VIBE Israel at and on social media: @ vibeisrael. The book “Ethical Tribing” is available at and Amazon.

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