KTC’s inspirational morning tea

KTC’s inspirational morning tea

"You could literally be saving someone's life by planting this seed of awareness."

Chanala Chaiton (left) and Ramona Freedman. Photo: Supplied.
Chanala Chaiton (left) and Ramona Freedman. Photo: Supplied.

IN honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Kesser Torah College’s P&F invited all women in the community to a morning tea to hear the inspirational words of breast cancer survivor Ramona Freedman and Chanala Chaiton, mammographer at the Sydney Breast Clinic.

KTC’s P&F vice-president Nikki Kinstlinger said, “When we were planning our monthly Rosh Chodesh events, where the goal was to bring women from the community together, we knew we wanted to engage with individuals from our community who have something special to share.

“Noting that October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we couldn’t think of a better, more inspiring speaker than Ramona Freedman, who successfully fought through her breast cancer journey in her early thirties.

“We were also so incredibly lucky to have KTC mum, Chanala Chaiton, who works at the Sydney Breast Clinic, who was able to give us some really practical and possibly lifesaving advice around getting your breasts checked,” she said.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign raising awareness about the impact of breast cancer, aims to remove the stigma around talking about health issues that are otherwise, sadly, kept private.

“You could literally be saving someone’s life by planting this seed of awareness,” Kinstlinger said.

“Further to that, to hear Ramona speak about how the Jewish community rallied around her when she was at her worst was a huge eye-opener to what we can do for people who may be going through difficult health challenges.

“Sometimes it’s hard to know how we can show up for people, but hearing that even a meal on a doorstep, or a carpool set-up can make all the difference is really valuable advice for all of us.”

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