Let’s get loud (together)

Let’s get loud (together)

'Louder Together' is a new playlist from JCA and Glassbreakers' Ilan Kidron that aims to share a little bit of naches and joy with the world.

Monsieur Camembert are on the playlist. Photo: Jane Dyson
Monsieur Camembert are on the playlist. Photo: Jane Dyson

SPOTIFY just got a whole lot more ruach with a new playlist drop – Louder Together – the inspiration of Glassbreakers’ lead singer Ilan Kidron and the team at JCA.

Aiming to share a little bit of naches and joy to the world, Kidron approached some big artist names to contribute to the selection and bring listeners a feel good party for the ages.

“We all want to keep sharing the good times so I asked an incredible group of well-known musicians in our community which songs gave them the most happiness and here is the answer. Huge 70s disco hits, fresh pop anthems, big Hebrew vibes, some folk songs and of course, old time classics,” he said.

From Lior to Monsieur Camembert, Shimon Farkas to Baby et Lulu, George Mordechai to Chutney and so many more, the collaboration has something here for everyone.

Lior is featured on the playlist.

JCA CEO Alain Hasson said he had the idea after a stressful day when walking on the Coogee Beach promenade.

“I had my headphones on and an urge to dance and sing – I’m sure I got some strange looks, but it really started a fire in me – it made me feel good listening to music that I love and that I could relate to experiences of being together with family, friends and our community,” he said.

“I called Ilan and said, ‘We had a great time at my wedding with your music, let’s recreate something similar and bring that kind of joy to everyone.’”

Other artists in the playlist include Balagan, Ben Goldstein, Brooklyn Bear, Erez Eisenberg, Furnace and the Fundamentals, Glassbreakers, Hylton Chilchick, Isser Feiglin, Jesabel, La Fiesta Sound System, Muma Megs, Nadav Kahn, Reigan Derry, Run The Night, Sarit Gold and Sincopa.

Get the playlist: tinyurl.com/ys3pydum

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