Lily Brett live from NYC
In conversation with

Lily Brett live from NYC

Lily Brett is in conversation with Michaela Kalowski about Old Seems to be Other People.

Born in a displaced persons camp in Germany, Lily Brett and her family came to Melbourne as refugees. Thirty years ago, Brett moved to the Big Apple. And in her latest collection of short stories, Brett details how New York, and everything that comes with it, shapes ideals about ageing and mortality.

Live from NYC, Brett – who has published fiction books, poetry and essay collections – will be in conversation with interviewer Michaela Kalowski about Old Seems to be Other People, her recently published book covering the need to live and have fun while you still can.

Presented by Melbourne Jewish Book Week, the event is free on Zoom on September 14 at 8pm.

Earlier this year, Brett told The AJN why living in New York presents a completely different experience when getting older.

“I always thought New York was a good place to grow old because there is so much culture in the city and so much happening and so many options,” she said. “It’s a whole lot better than being isolated somewhere – you can have a degree of being independent. It’s not hard to get around Manhattan.”


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