Lox on your jumper? That’ll be $680
Put a bagel on it

Lox on your jumper? That’ll be $680

Fashion brand goes to the deli for new collection

Coach x Zabar's jumper, just $680.
Coach x Zabar's jumper, just $680.

FIRST, they came for HAIM.

Now, luxe NYC fashion brand Coach has unveiled its new Zabars x Coach collaboration – and it’s the ultimate mashup of nosh meets posh.

As part of its Spring/Summer 2022 line, Coach is drawing inspiration from the iconic Upper West Side gourmet grocery.

Coach has placed the iconic orange Zabar’s logo – accompanied by an image of a bagel with a bite taken out of it – on its classic brown leather Cashin Carry Bag, as well as a grey wool sweater. The bag retails for US$550 ($755), while the sweater is priced at a mere US$495 ($680).

For reference, the Zabar’s Bagels and Nova Brunch Box – featuring a dozen bagels, a pound of fish, cream cheese, coffee and rugelach – retails for US$229 ($314).

Would you pay approximately twice that for something that you can one day pass on to your grandchildren?

Or just buy the brunch and pass on … the story?

For the thrifty, there’s also a Zabar’s x Coach T-shirt for US$150 ($206).

The pieces are designed by Coach New York’s creative director, Stuart Vevers. The collection is an ode to New York and the colourful, upbeat designs of Coach’s first designer, Bonnie Cashin, who created handbags for Coach from 1962 to 1974.


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