MacSem inspires young leaders

MACCABI NSW held its MacSem leadership seminar recently, which saw sport and political leaders share their insights with aspiring Jewish administrators.

State Minister for Sport and Recreation and Member for Vaucluse, Gabrielle Upton, was one of three key speakers alongside NRL’s head of football Todd Greenberg and Paralympic athlete Adam Kellerman.

After providing participants with leadership advice, Upton then toured Maccabi’s White City with president Danny Hochberg.

“As the Minister for Sport and Recreation, I understand the value of sport in the community,” Upton said.

“Sport inspires and unites people of all cultural backgrounds.”

“Sport is also a great way for young people to develop their leadership skills and provides first-hand experience in teamwork.”

Hochberg described the successful event as “leadership 101” split into two parts – a workshop providing practical experience and inspirational talks from guest speakers.

“We were very happy with how the event went and it bodes really well for the development of Maccabi Youth,” he said.

“The minister added real value to the outcomes achieved at the seminar through her insightful presentation of her own experiences with leadership.

“And we could also teach them about overcoming adversity in the case of Adam, as well as dealing with issues of a brand that lost its kudos in regards to Todd.”


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