New NSW supplier
Kosher meat

New NSW supplier

'When the need arose, we figured if there's any time to be part of the community…it's our time to step in.'

A new kosher meat supplier has been secured after the only kosher abattoir in NSW shut down earlier this year.

Village Finest, a wholesaler and direct delivery service, has received Kashrut Authority (KA) certification as the local supplier of kosher meat.

Yaakov Vogel, managing director of Village Finest, previously headed M&M Poultry which supplied the kosher butcher and the community.

“Once the butcher fell apart, we realised that the community was struggling as far as [access] to a meat supplier,” Vogel told The AJN.

“We figured that we were in the perfect position to potentially assist from a logistics perspective; we were ready to leverage a lot of people and shops that are getting our product.

“When the need arose, we figured if there’s any time to be part of the community…it’s our time to step in.

“That’s more or less when the decision came about, and it’s been an exciting ride since.”

Vogel said while there had been some bumps along the way, they have received mostly positive feedback and improve their systems every day.

“We’re putting processes in place to make sure that when there are some hiccups, we have backup.”

KA rabbinic administrator Rabbi Moshe Gutnick said it was a “very positive development”.

“[Vogel] is going out of his way to get the best quality meat and is working hard on improving the quality of the poultry,” Rabbi Gutnick said.

KA president Baron Revelman said, “On behalf of the whole community, we wish them every success, and that they should continue to satisfy the market for many years to come.”

The community was left without a kosher meat supplier in May after the only kosher-certified abattoir closed down, also resulting in the closure of Hadassa Kosher Butchery and Katzy’s.

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