No surprise
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No surprise

There was no chance the report of the UN Commission of Inquiry would be impartial.

After all, this is the same panel that was mired in controversy in July when member Miloon Kothari accused Jews of controlling social media and said Israel did not deserve to be a member of the UN.

Defending the indefensible, commission head Navi Pillay – who herself has been accused of displaying “demonstrable bias” against Israel – then claimed the comments were deliberately taken out of context.

The third of the trio, Chris Sidoti, has dismissed previous accusations of antisemitism against the commission, saying such claims were “being thrown around like rice at a wedding”.

These three individuals have been given an open-ended mandate by the farcical and corrupt UN Human Rights Council to investigate Israel. And while they are supposedly also looking into rights abuses by the Palestinians, don’t hold your breath – their just-handed down report has no mention of Hamas, rockets or terrorism.

Having just smeared Israel as having de-facto annexation policies, discriminating against its Arab citizens, stealing natural resources and committing gender-based violence against Palestinian women, this bilious commission is now gleefully licking its lips over investigating so-called apartheid claims.

Indeed, Pillay has said the scope to do so is “the beauty of this open-ended mandate”.

The commission is as rotten to the core as the UN Human Rights Council that created it.

We applaud decent nations for condemning its wretched report, but it is not enough. The world needs to reassess its ill-placed faith in problematic UN systems, particularly relating to the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

Our own government is the perfect example. Australia rightly criticised the council’s “disproportionate scrutiny” of Israel and rejected its ludicrous Agenda Item 7, which focuses solely on Israel.

But the same government just doubled its funding to the equally corrupt Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA and then a month later rescinded Australia’s recognition of west Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, playing right into the hands of the very people who wish to paint the Jewish state as illegitimate.

People just like those sitting on the Commission of Inquiry.

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