Prevention is better than a cure
Pool maintenance

Prevention is better than a cure

Swimming pools are a wonderful addition to any family home. But keeping your pool maintained through the colder months is key to getting the most out of the water and avoiding costly repair and rectification bills when summer descends.

Swimart, Rose Bay store.
Swimart, Rose Bay store.

Picture this, it’s a beautiful summer day and your kids (and you) are just itching to jump into the cool water of your swimming pool. But you can’t, because the water has turned green, the leaves have formed a slimy layer on the surface, the filter has gone haywire, and the pump has all but given up. There’d be tantrums for days.

Which is exactly why maintenance is so important.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than a cure.

One place that knows a thing or two about maintaining swimming pools is Swimart Rose Bay, which is now under new ownership. For the team at the specialty pool shop, servicing your pool and maintaining it over winter is one of their top priorities.

Just like you take your car to a specialist mechanic, or go to a dentist for your toothache, leave your pool maintenance to the experts.

Look after your assets

It’s likely that your home is the biggest asset you own. So, it makes sense that you want to gain as much use and enjoyment from all parts of your home, including your swimming pool.

Which is why maintenance pays off.

Ensuring your pool is in tip-top shape during the colder months means you won’t be forking out thousands of dollars, in a rush, to fix something when the weather warms up.

So, what do you need to do?

1. Keep your water balanced

First things first, check the health of your water. While you can test the water yourself, you can also take a sample of your water over to Swimart and they’ll test it for you. The team will then be able to advise how to sort the water out quick-smart, and how to continue to care for it.

2. Keep the skimmer and pump baskets clear

Keeping your skimmer and pump baskets clean is important to the overall maintenance. Clogged baskets mean your pump must work harder to cycle the water. Remember, if the water flow is impeded by debris in the baskets, not enough water can be pulled into the pump, meaning the filtering system can’t work properly. Turn everything off and wait a few minutes for systems to cool down. Remove the skimmer and pump baskets, and remove any debris or leaves that are inside, then give them a good hose down before you put them back.

3. Clean the leaves

Leaves, sticks or other debris will find their way into your water, especially if there are trees nearby or overhanging the pool. Take a few minutes a couple of times a week to head outside with a pool leaf rake and clear the debris from the surface. Of course, some debris will find its way to the bottom of the pool, which is where a robotic pool cleaner can help.

4. Reduce your pump times

One handy tip during winter is to reduce your pump running times to winter mode which usually means it will run for four hours per day.

Let’s face it, a pool is used a lot less during winter, so there’s no real need for the pump to be running all day, every day. Turning it to winter mode means it’s more energy efficient and better for your pocket, so it’s really a win/win.

Bring in the experts

Getting a qualified and experienced Swimart pool technician to your home can make things easier. Technicians will check everything from your water to your equipment. They also give the pool a thorough and tailored clean and conduct a pool check to ensure your pool is as efficient as possible.

Swimart Rose Bay can provide advice, reassurance, on-site appraisals and offer regular testing, meaning your pool will always be kept in excellent condition.

They can also do general repairs if needed and help maintain the pool area, including the fence and decking around the water. Fences are required by law for a reason – keeping everyone safe. But they won’t do their job if they’re not maintained correctly.

Swimart has been servicing the eastern suburbs for more than 15 years. Its expert technicians are always ready to look after you and your pool, providing computerised water testing, and custom servicing to suit your needs.

For more information, contact Swimart on (02) 9388 8167, or head to the website

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