Rebuilding their roles post-COVID
RCV Conferences

Rebuilding their roles post-COVID

The RCV Conferences brought forth the most relevant and prevalent topics that challenge and confront the rabbinate in 2022.

Rabbis' conference.
Rabbis' conference.

Throughout July, Rabbinical Council of Victoria (RCV) rabbis and rebbetzins gathered in separate conferences on the Geelong waterfront, for what has now become a chazakah (a third-time tradition) in annual leadership retreats.

The rabbis welcomed a variety of both international lecturers to address them over Zoom including a panel comprising Chief Rabbi of the Commonwealth Efraim Mirvis, Chief Rabbi of South Africa Warren Goldstein and former Israeli Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau and key presentations from Professor Ephraim Inbar on Israel’s strategic environment, Rabbi Yitzchok Melber on medical innovations in couples’ health and laws of family purity and Rabbi Yossi Jacobson on enhancing marriages.

The Rebbetzins enjoyed a half day intensive session with Dr Renee Mill focusing on exploring mental health issues and tools to assist in their pastoral care in addition to an insightful presentation on women in leadership, from international speaker Rebbetzin Chanie Krasnianski of Chabad Upper East Side.

The conferences were organised by RCV executive director Rachel Mihalovich and RCV vice-president Rabbi Moshe Kahn together with sub-committees, bringing forth the most relevant and prevalent topics that challenge and confront the rabbinate in 2022.

Rebbetzins’ conference.

Rabbi Kahn told The AJN, “The spirit of collaboration and high level discussion that has been had between the rabbis over the last 48 hours will no doubt be deeply felt in the community specifically as we rebuild ourselves post-COVID.

He added, “It is heartwarming to see the next generation of rabbis taking a leadership role and seeing their genuine care and commitment for our beloved community.”

Rabbi Philip Heilbrunn, RCV president said, “Having spent the last two days with Victoria’s rabbinate, I feel extremely confident in the next generation of leadership and am also very much inspired by the dedication of the rebbetzins who are leading with care, sensitivity and wisdom.”

Rebbetzin Menucha Cooper explained, “It was so exhilarating being part of this unique opportunity. Going to a Rebbetzins’ Conference with over 25 fellow rebbetzins gives us the opportunity to connect, learn and be empowered by fellow Rebbetzins. It’s a unique time where we can learn practical insights from professionals to upskill and grow in our roles.”

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