Robert Gregory – All the way with the AJA

Robert Gregory – All the way with the AJA

Maurice Klein speaks with Robert Gregory, CEO of the Australian Jewish Association (AJA) which announced earlier this year that several AJA founding members were stepping aside to make way for expansion and renewal. After two years as the AJA’s Public Affairs Director, Robert has now taken on the role as the AJA’s CEO with a new board of twelve Directors, which has a balance of youthful enthusiasm and experienced wisdom, with several members having held leadership roles in other organisations. With support for Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people an indispensable pillar of the AJA’s worldview, the conservative-right, Halachic principled AJA has experienced massive growth and support in its five years. The AJA constructively engages with Governments, parliamentarians, government agencies and departments in policy and advocacy for the benefit of the Jewish community and Israel, as well as presenting views directly in the media where it has established the AJA as a “go-to” organisation. We hear from Robert, that in the interest of our community and Israel the Australian Jewish Association is willing to work with any of our Jewish Communal organisations, and extends a hand of genuine friendship. The AJA welcomes members at all levels of Judaic observance who share a devotion to Am Yisrael (The Jewish Nation) and Eretz Yisrael( Land of Israel).  To follow and support the AJA go to:

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