Schools shine bright

Schools shine bright

Mazal Tov to all students and schools for their achievements.

Masada's Class of 2021.
Emanuel School dux Jordan Stein.

Masada College

Masada College moved up 45 places in one year in the NSW HSC school rankings to 68th, its students Aiden Bergheim, Kevin Lin and Ilana Stitz made the 2021 HSC All Rounders achievement list, and 53 per cent of Masada’s Class of 2021 made the HSC Distinguished Achievers list.

Congratulating the students for their results and achievements, college principal Mira Hasofer said they “took the unprecedented challenges of 2020 and 2021 in their stride, and emerged as confident, capable young men and women”.

“Not only did this cohort spend weeks learning online during their preliminary studies, they also endured lengthy e-learning during their HSC year, and embraced their inner strength, set their minds to succeed, and achieved their personal best.”

Masada’s dux was Kevin Lin, who earned an ATAR of 99.70. He joined the school in year 10, and believes its experienced and passionate teachers made a huge difference to his education.

“I’m very grateful for the way the college has supported the year 12 students during COVID, and thank my teachers for their support and dedication,” Lin, who is considering studying finance at university this year, said.

Masada was delighted to see 31 per cent of its students achieve an ATAR of above 90, and proud of the success of two HSC accelerants – Shir Goodwin (year 11, 2021) who achieved a band 6 result in Modern Hebrew, and Stanley Liu (year 10, 2021) who achieved an E4 (band 6 equivalent) in Mathematics Extension 1 and 2.

“Putting aside the band rankings, we are equally proud of all our students who have strived to achieve,” Hasofer said, adding it reaffirms the college’s place as “an outstanding Jewish, independent day school, unique in its ability to help students from all backgrounds and competencies to achieve excellent academic results”.

Emanuel School

Emanuel School’s Class of 2021 “exceeded expectations under the shadow of the COVID pandemic”, principal Andrew Watt said, adding their “resilience and perseverance” throughout their remote learning journey, and the extended build-up to the HSC examinations “have been impressive”.

“This ability to work independently under difficult conditions is a highly prized mindset and skill that they will carry with them into their futures,” he said.

Emanuel celebrated four HSC All-Round Achievers – Lara King, Jessica Lowy, Ruben Mihalovich and Jordan Stein.

Liam Engler ranked an impressive fourth in the state for Modern Hebrew Continuers.

Guy Rein made Emanuel School history with his Music 2 Composition and Music Extension Performance being selected for ENCORE.

Almost half of the cohort achieved an ATAR of 90 or more, 30 per cent attained 95+ and 8 per cent received an ATAR of 98 or more.

The school ranked 36th in the state, and sixth for non-selective co-educational schools, thanks to the cohort’s excellent results.

Emanuel School dux Jordan Stein.

“While many students excelled, it is equally important to acknowledge those who performed at their personal best, at whatever level that may have been,” Watt said.

“We share their pride in their HSC results.”

He added, “Emanuel’s teaching staff share the honours with the Class of 2021, as the heroes of this journey, through their commitment to preparing and delivering engaging lessons – online and in-person – and providing emotional and academic support.”

Emanuel School dux, Jordan Stein, who received an ATAR of 99.50, reflected, “Despite the many challenges faced in our senior years due to the pandemic, my teachers rose to the occasion, and acted as resolute role models of determination, resilience and adaptability.

“They were always cheering us on from the sidelines of the race to our 13-year finish line.

“I feel that my HSC results reflect my newfound understanding of the power of this mindset.”

Kesser Torah College

Outstanding 2021 HSC results were achieved by Kesser Torah College (KTC) students, with 70 per cent earning a place on the Distinguished Achievers list, 35 per cent attaining an ATAR placing them in the top 10 per cent in the state, and 53 per cent earning an ATAR of more than 80.

KTC students particularly excelled in subjects including Mathematics Extension and Advanced, English Advanced, Visual Arts, Legal Studies, and Hebrew.

College principal Roy Steinman wished the Class of 2021 mazal tov on their achievements, and also thanked the school’s teachers for their “extraordinary dedication and professionalism”.

KTC dux Shoshana Spielman.

Of KTC’s high-achieving students, Steinman added, “Significantly, most of them will be continuing their tertiary studies in religious and secular learning, at select, world-class institutions around the world.

“We thank them for their leadership of, and contribution to, the College.

“I wish them ‘hatzlacha’ [good luck in Hebrew] for their continued journeys.”

Shoshana Spielman – known to her friends and teachers as ‘Shani’ – was KTC’s dux and 2021 girls’ school captain.

Spielman achieved an ATAR of 98.95, and topped the state in Classical Hebrew Continuers, and Classical Hebrew Extension.

Further Top Achievers from KTC who achieved official “state placement” in one or more subjects were Kovi Gestetner, Chaim Groner, Shira Eisenberg and Fraida Feldman.

Spielman believes the keys to success are “loving what you do, and also keeping a clear image of what the end goal is, and not to stress too much”.

“I’m very grateful to everyone who supported me,” she added.

Steinman said Spielman “approached everything she did with an acute focus and sense of purpose, and we thank her for her leadership”.

“Together with 2021 girls’ vice-captain Rivka Niasoff, she had an incredible impact, setting a very high standard of personal engagement with each student, and helping to organise a number of very meaningful and impressive programs.”

Moriah College

Encouraged and supported by their teachers, Moriah College year 12 students excelled in the HSC, earning the school an overall ranking of 18th in the state, second out of the non-selective co-educational schools, and first of the Sydney Jewish day schools.

Of Moriah’s Class of 2021, 7 per cent of the cohort achieved an ATAR of 99+, 33 per cent 95+, and 56 per cent 90+.

The HSC All-Rounders list – of students scoring 90 or more in at least 10 units of study – included 17 Moriah students, and 68 per cent of the college’s HSC students made the Distinguished Achievers list for scoring 90 or more in at least one subject.

And 40 per cent of the cohort were offered early university offers, including to 10 honours courses and 14 double degrees.

Noah Joshua came 3rd in the state in Classical Hebrew Continuers, Daniel Kulikovsky was 5th in Portuguese Continuers, Sage Katz came 10th in Standard English, and Ethan Agosin was 12th in Mathematics Standard 2.

Moriah’s dux was Jessica Zeltzer, based on academic performance during 2021, for achieving an ATAR of 99.85, and for making the HSC All-Rounders list.

College principal Rabbi Yehoshua Smukler said, “We are enormously proud of the achievements of the Class of 2021.

“You have proven that with focus, perseverance, looking out for and encouraging each other, together with the support and guidance from your teachers and parents, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

“Our Moriah family has proven that with goodwill, creativity and positivity, and a healthy dose of innovation and agility, we can overcome any challenges.

“The HSC results are truly outstanding, and an affirmation of the dedication of our teachers, and the commitment, resilience, and tenacity of our students.”

He added, “Our true measures of success are the character of our graduates, their individual achievements, the Jewish values that they take with them beyond school, and the passion with which they follow their ambitions.”

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