See where your money goes

See where your money goes

EVER wondered how your hard-earned donations to JCA are being used within the community? Now is your chance to find out.

JCA vice-president Michael Graf.
JCA vice-president Michael Graf.

EVER wondered how your hard-earned donations to JCA are being used within the community? Now is your chance to find out.

Beginning July 30, JCA will be offering “Community in Action” tours of organisations it supports to give people a better understanding of how they service the community.

Each tour will showcase two of JCA’s 22 member organisations.

“Community is all about being involved and being engaged,” JCA vice-president Michael Graf told The AJN.

“Our supporters, whether financial or otherwise, need to understand what our community can offer. These tours allow them to understand the communal organisations that make up the heart of our community. Without that heart, we wouldn’t be here for very long.”

The tours are an updated version of a bus tour JCA facilitated two years ago as a pilot to give a group of donors a behind-the-scenes look at the community.

Graf said some of the participants from that tour are now “actively engaged” in the community, whether it be sitting on boards or helping out in other ways.

“I think that from them understanding more about what our community does and offers, they [people] get more engaged and more involved,” he said.

He qualified that the focus of the tours will be more about showcasing the community than fundraising.

“But obviously from a fundraising point of view, if your donors or people who support the community understand the community better, you’re more likely to get their support,” he said.

The first tour on July 30 will be held at Wolper Jewish Hospital and will showcase that organisation alongside Maccabi NSW.

Maccabi NSW president Danny Hochberg called the experience invaluable.

“It gives you a better understanding of the community and us as an organisation within the community,” he said.

“The JCA as a fundraiser are providing people with an experience that they normally cannot get … which is to meet directly with the recipients of their generosity, and to actually see how their money is being used in the real world.”

Wolper president Daniel Goulburn said: “This is a unique opportunity for people to see first-hand the excellent work being done by organisations that are so ably supported by JCA.”

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