Serial sperm donor’s brood
Spreading his seed

Serial sperm donor’s brood

Ari Nagel says he fathered 21 children in 2020 and expects another 30 babies in 2021.

Ari Nagel in Tel Aviv in 2017. 
Photo: Renee Ghert-Zand/TOI
Ari Nagel in Tel Aviv in 2017. Photo: Renee Ghert-Zand/TOI

WHILE others were perfecting their sourdough bread-baking or watching the entire catalogue of Netflix, Ari Nagel spent the past 20 months of the pandemic donating sperm.

The American Jew now has nearly 100 children to show for it.

Nagel, who the New York Post once dubbed “Sperminator”, grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family in Monsey, New York, before becoming a college maths teacher and eventually a serial sperm donor.

In a profile published last Wednesday in Esquire, Nagel said he fathered 21 children in 2020 and expected another 30 babies in 2021, bringing him to a total of almost 100 babies.

“I wasn’t meant to have 90 kids. You have to make it happen,” he said.

Nagel has donated sperm in Target (US) restrooms, the American Museum of Natural History and countless hotel rooms.

He’s travelled the world to do so. At one point, he even snagged his brother’s passport to travel to Israel after the country banned him from donating sperm there.

Nagel said he is driven to donate because he wants to help women, especially those in same-sex relationships, and he frequently stays in touch with the families he helps to grow. He also has children from his own marriages.


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