Shabbat Project music to our ears

Shabbat Project music to our ears

JEWISH musicians and entertainers have tapped into their creative spirit and found inspiration in the much-anticipated Shabbat Project, which kicks off this Friday night around the world.

In both Sydney and Melbourne, singers and performers have released songs and accompanying videos to prepare the communities for this special and unique Shabbat.

Melbourne brothers Binny and Tunni Fogelgarn have released Shabbos Angels with an accompanying music video.

Lyricist and vocalist Binny Fogelgarn said, “We thought this was the perfect song to make as our contribution to the Shabbat Project. It really builds on the preparation for Shabbat and how it’s a fun, positive and meaningful event.

“We did it for the love of the Jewish people and the unity of Shabbat.”

Meanwhile, Sydney’s children entertainer Velvel Lederman has released an album of iconic Shabbat songs.

Lederman, who is known professionally as Uncle Velvel, said his CD Shabbat World combines contemporary melodies with ancient words.

“What we wanted to do was … get all the well-known songs that are sung at shul and at home and put them to nice boppy music, completely orchestrated so that kids are able to learn the whole Shabbat service using this CD.

“It’s a chance for people to get familiar with the Shabbat service as it is the same at virtually 99 per cent of the shuls around the world. It also appeals to all ages because it’s got nice music.”

Creating and producing the CD has been an “exciting” experience for Lederman, who said he considers it his contribution to the Shabbat Project and to the community.

“In my own little way I’ve been able to help them get ready for this special Shabbat and every other Shabbat to come.”

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