Sharing lives of greatness

Sharing lives of greatness

"I set out to find the hows, whats and whys." Sarah Grynberg answers the big questions through her podcast, A Life of Greatness.

Ephraim Finch and Sarah Grynberg recording the podcast episode.
Ephraim Finch and Sarah Grynberg recording the podcast episode.

Sarah Grynberg has always been curious about life. The big-thinking questions like “What happens when we die?” and “How did the existence of life come to be?”

She was equally fascinated by people and their life journeys, telling The AJN that often, even strangers would open up to her because she listened, judgement free.

So, it only made sense that she went into storytelling, first in films and then in radio. She has produced radio shows for Southern Cross Austereo and produced a podcast for comedy-duo, Hamish and Andy.

She also has her own podcast, A Life of Greatness.

“I have always been curious why some people are happier than others. This led me to immerse myself in countless teachings and literature, listening to the advice of great thought leaders, humanitarians, acclaimed authors, doctors and scientists,” she explained. “Knee-deep in research, I set out to find out the hows, whats and whys – of how these incredible people got to their ultimate destination.”

A recent episode is with Ephraim Finch, who spent decades serving the Melbourne Jewish community as director of the Chevra Kadisha.

“I’m very fussy about the guests I choose,” Grynberg, who has interviewed the likes of Matthew McConaughey, explained. “I make sure they are some of the greatest minds in the world or have great wisdom to talk to their subject matter of expertise. I also ensure I mix up the guests and diversify the subjects they talk to.”

Grynberg explained that she heard a talk by Finch 20 years ago and never forgot about his story.

“The life service and dedication that man has given to those who have passed and those who still live without their loved ones will never leave me. It’s a devotion that has enriched not only his life, but the lives of all those he has touched,” she said, explaining that at times, Finch would conduct so much extra research about Holocaust survivors before they passed away, that often their families would be hearing stories they never knew.

Grynberg has also discussed kabbalah with Rabbi Laibl Wolf and hosted Holocaust survivor Guta Goldstein talking about finding hope within the darkness.

A Life of Greatness with Sarah Grynberg is available on LiSTNR or wherever you get your podcasts. For a list of all episodes, visit

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