Sharing the moment
Charitable gifts

Sharing the moment

Make your upcoming celebrations even more meaningful by considering the less fortunate and making a donation in honour of your new life together.

Weddings and simchas can be a wonderful time to give back to wonderful organisations in the community.

In Victoria, there are several options to choose from.

JNF’s My Simcha project
1300 563 563 •
JNF Australia has made it easy for you and your partner to have an even more meaningful simcha by making a difference to the lives of young families in Israel. Since 1901, JNF has been changing the face of Israel through a myriad of life-sustaining initiatives. Tzedakah (giving) through JNF is simple. Simply link your simcha with JNF and direct guests to your customised JNF simcha donation webpage, where they make a donation to JNF, on your behalf, in lieu of gifts.

Alternatively, you may choose to support Israel by providing guests with customised Birkat Hamazon booklets at your simcha. With several options to choose from, each booklet includes beautiful imagery of Israel, and a personalised cover tailored to your celebration. By linking your simcha with JNF, your celebration can directly impact essential projects in Israel, creating a better life and a more promising future for Israelis far and wide.

Jewish Holocaust Centre
(03) 9528 1985 •
Over the past 35 years, more than 700,000 students have visited the Jewish Holocaust Centre (JHC) as participants in our education programs. Last year 23,000 students were exposed to the primary source evidence on display in the museum and the firsthand accounts of Holocaust survivors – an experience that has a lasting impact. Linking these stories to current issues of antisemitism and prejudice in the community ensure students and teachers leave the JHC equipped with a new perspective on human rights issues.

The lessons learned during a school visit are compelling. First and foremost, we teach about the horrific events of the Holocaust and build a picture of a vibrant Jewish world in Europe that was all but decimated during World War 2. From this platform, we educate about the value of social cohesion, while teaching students about the importance of respect, justice and individual responsibility in society. Our education program clearly emphasises the dangers of racism and intolerance. With your vital support, and a donation to the JHC in lieu of gifts for your next simcha, students can continue to learn from the past to protect our future.

1300 ISRAEL •
A wedding marks the unification of two people and this unity can also extend past the chattan and kallah to include the People of Israel. Through UIA, couples and their guests have the opportunity to contribute to effective, high impact, Israel-oriented philanthropy. Our support includes turning high-risk into high-tech for youth on the periphery through our Net@project, mentorship through our Youth Futures project, absorption centres for settling new Olim, and support services for elderly Holocaust survivors.

Our outcome-driven programs aim to improve the lives of the people of Israel by providing long-term solutions that instil tools and skills for them to be part of the success story. We invite brides and grooms to consider being part of this success story too by including Israel in their celebrations and actively choosing to support the UIA as they start a new life as husband and wife.

Jewish Care
1800 539 474 •
Jewish Care’s Simcha program provides a wonderful opportunity to share your special moments with others who need it most in the community. From birthdays to engagements, and weddings to anniversaries, every dollar that is donated in lieu of gifts on your special day supports funding vital social justice programs, helping thousands of people who are exposed to real hardships in life to enhance their wellbeing. What’s more, you can now decide which area you would like your simcha donation to go towards, including disability, financial support, housing support, and employment.

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