Six13’s Chanukah cheer
West is best

Six13’s Chanukah cheer

New York-based Jewish a cappella Six13 released “A West Side Chanukah Story” last week, just in time for the chag.

A screenshot from West Side Chanukah Story.
A screenshot from West Side Chanukah Story.

IT just doesn’t feel like Yom Tov without a Six13 parody song.

Fortunately, the New York-based Jewish a cappella group hasn’t disappointed, dropping “A West Side Chanukah Story” video last week.

With an opening shot featuring the George Washington Bridge, its tower and the surrounding buildings being transformed into a flickering menorah, the song takes some of the best-known tunes from the famous Broadway musical and works them into its toe-tapping festive goodness.

Maria becomes “Menorah”, Tonight becomes “Eight Nights”, America becomes “On Chanukah” with lyrics including “Chocolate money on Chanukah/Latkes are crunchy on Chanukah/Presents from Bubbe on Chanukah/I want a puppy for Chanukah!”

Original Six13 member and chief arranger Mike Boxer told the New York Jewish Week that the forthcoming cinematic reboot of West Side Story, directed and co-produced by Steven Spielberg, was an inspiration for doing the song.

“When I heard that the movie was coming out, I was like, when? We are doing this, for sure,” he said.

“West Side Story is one of the greatest pieces of art ever crafted.”


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