Students impress with their major works

Students impress with their major works

Our Jewish students demonstrated their creative talents with some earning nomination or selection in the HSC showcases.

Moriah HSC student Tali Cohen's visual arts work, Bondi Blocks.
Moriah HSC student Tali Cohen's visual arts work, Bondi Blocks.

Whether it was with a paintbrush or camera, through composing or playing music, performing on the stage, or by design, year 12 students at Sydney’s Jewish schools demonstrated their creative talents by achieving brilliant results in the HSC, with some also earning nomination, or selection, in the HSC Showcases.

Emanuel School’s Guy Rein was “completely thrilled” when finding out he was selected for the ENCORE Music Showcase, in both the performance and composition categories, for piano and saxophone.

“My fondest memories of rehearsing with my ensemble included long discussions about all our different interpretations, on seemingly minute details,” he said.

Emanuel’s Guy Rein playing the saxophone.

“I think it created a sense of awareness of the piece, and composer, which elevated how we all played and produced an authentic musical conversation.

“Performing at a venue like the City Recital Hall has truly always been a dream of mine, for as long as I can remember playing saxophone – I’m so glad and fortunate I now have this opportunity, alongside incredibly talented musicians in my ensemble.”

His school’s head of music, Diana Springford, said, “Throughout his time at Emanuel, Guy has been a thoughtful, hard working, talented, beautifully expressive, and curious musician – we are so happy for him.”

Emanuel students nominated for HSC Showcases were Ariella Tracton and Ezra Hersch (for ENCORE); Charlotte Lyons, Saskia Auerbach, Tara Linker, Jessica Lowy and Dean Reuveny (for OnStage); and Lara King (for ARTEXPRESS).

Seven Emanuel students scored 90+ in music courses, and all eight Emanuel students who completed the HSC Drama course scored more than 90.

Moriah College’s Tali Cohen was nominated for the Design and Technology HSC Showcase called SHAPE, for her major project called Shalva Wellness Centre – a health and well-being hub that features interactive vertical gardens.

Cohen’s visual arts project, called Bondi Blocks, uses various colours, finishes and textures to celebrate the landmark 1930s Art Deco apartment blocks that still dot the famous beachside suburb.

That artwork was accepted into Hazelhurst Art Gallery’s exhibition called Zoomers: Celebrating Excellence in the 2021 HSC Visual Arts.

The major work by her classmate, Jared Super, was nominated for ARTEXPRESS.

Super’s body of work – using photography and film – explores his fascination with the oceans surrounding Australia, and their ever-changing presence in our lives.

In drama, Moriah HSC students Robbie King and Mimi Miller were nominated for OnStage in the individual performance category.

Moriah students also excelled in music, with Adam Clennar, Gemma Green, and Benjamin Milner all nominated for ENCORE.

A still image from Masada visual art student Karen Qiang’s anime film.

Masada College HSC student Karen Qiang earned selection for ARTEXPRESS for her major work called A Way Out, a visual arts anime-style film, influenced by the study and interpretation of four renowned artists in that medium.

According to Qiang’s artist’s statement, her major work explores how “people would reflect what happens in reality into their own consciousness, forming a unique, individual, imaginative world”.

It also delves into interpreting and presenting ideas about the struggle of stepping out of comfort zones.

And 70 per cent of Kesser Torah College’s Class of 2021 made the NSW Distinguished List, in subjects including Visual Arts.

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