The Abraham Initiatives (Dr Thabet Abu Rass), Australia Israel Labor Dialogue (Michael Borowick)

(The Israel Connexion) – After six years of serving on The Abraham Initiatives’ international board, Dr. Thabet Abu Rass joined as co-CEO in 2014. Dr. Abu Rass has significantly strengthened The Abraham Initiatives’ practical and strategic partnerships with key public and political leaders in Arab society, and advocated programs and directives at the highest levels of government.

His expert knowledge, strategic positioning, and experience in the field have directly impacted the breadth, programmatic impact, and direction of the organization’s work, transforming the landscape of Jewish­-Arab relations in Israel. (0:39-38:09)

A committed unionist and former ACTU assistant secretary Michael Borowick is co-national convenor of the Australia Israel Labour Dialogue. We review the outcome of discussion about ‘Palestine’ at Labor’s national conference last week.(40:34-58:14)

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