The best spots to hide the afikoman

The best spots to hide the afikoman

There are plenty of ways to be creative when it comes to hiding the afikoman on Seder night.

On Passover night, we all recline and get together for a long and delightful seder – which can be a lot if you’re a kid with energy to spare.

Luckily, the seder has a built-in expending of shpilkes: the traditional hunt for the afikoman, which is designed to keep kids awake and entertained.

For the adult tasked with the very important task of hiding the afikoman, there are many things to consider: how long do we want the afikomen search to last? Are the kid in attendance up for a challenge, or are they likely to get frustrated and give up? Are we willing to risk the fact that the afikoman will not be found? (Related: What is your seder host’s tolerance for four- and eight-legged creatures, which some may consider the 11th plague?)

Whatever your considerations are, nobody wants you to hide the matzah in the same place you did last year. So, courtesy of some of Kveller’s clever readers, here are some ideas of where to hide the afikoman.

1. Under the top of the toilet cistern

You should tape it to the top, sealed in a plastic bag, of course! This is a bit of a challenging one, and depending on your toilet, risky. Be warned!

2. Underneath the piano or piano seat

Do you have a neglected piano in the house? On this night, unlike other nights, the piano will be the centre of attention.

3. Make it a treasure hunt

I know of many families who transform the search into a full-blown treasure hunt. One idea is to hide numbered index cards with a letter on the back of each one, all across the house. The kids are then tasked with searching for the cards. Once all of them are found, the letters have to be unscrambled to uncover the afikoman’s hiding place.

4. Make it a puzzle

Rabbi Rebecca Rosenthal’s family lock the afikoman in a box and have the kids solve puzzles to get the key, like in an escape room. We love this!

5. Hide it in plain sight

Another reader suggests hiding the afikomen in plain sight, taped to the fridge. Unexpected!

6. Hide it behind you

My Dad would just hide the afikomen behind his back. True story. Once the kids were done running around the house, one brazen one might get an inkling to search there – or, when you think the kids have had enough, just get up from your chair.

7. Above the refrigerator

You can’t mess with a classic.

8. Underneath the tablecloth

Again, it’s a classic hiding spot for a reason.

9. Among the books on the bookshelf

This is an especially good hiding place if you are a bibliophile!

10. In the dog food container/bag

Again, you might want to put it in a plastic bag, if you’re going to eat it afterwards.

Lior Zaltzman is an associate editor at Kveller,

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