The magic of light
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The magic of light

“I am passionate about lighting because it’s the only type of object that has dual modes of existence – when it’s off it’s an object, when it’s on it comes to life.”

The perfect description, by the artist himself, of Ilan El’s new exhibition currently showing at Linden New Art in St Kilda.

Showcasing recent light works exploring the different experiences and emotions evoked by illuminated colour, Colours of Light is a solo exhibition by Melbourne-based multidisciplinary designer and artist, Ilan El.

The exhibition will showcase recent light works by El, in a display of changing illuminations.

“All of the works are coloured and illuminated. The colours will be interchangeable so they will constantly be in motion,” El explained.

For Colours of Light, the selection of light works included were originally designed for homes and public venues, showing that lighting can be an artwork in themselves, and make a statement in your home. These will feature alongside a brand-new series of artworks, as El explores the possibilities of light, form and colour to enhance our experience of space and interiors.

El is drawn to the varied possibilities and perspectives of colour and light as seen through the human eye.

“Physiologically we register light and colour on our retina differently, so we can look at the same colour but interpret it differently,” he said. “It is symbolic and carries different associations for different people, so you can’t generalise about its effect because that is always personal.”

In 2010, El founded a design studio to create original products and bespoke designs. His products have been featured in spaces around the world, including Estee Lauder NYC, the Renaissance Hotel in New York, on stage with Jennifer Garner at the annual Save the Children Gala, in Four Seasons Hotels around the world and more, and his works have been featured in design publications including House & Garden, Belle and Real Living.

Colours of Light is showing until June 5. For more information, visit the gallery website.

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