The sunny dream of Queensland real estate
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The sunny dream of Queensland real estate

'Whether it’s a new place to call home, or a new investment to hold and retain, we believe that buying property should always be a win'

Unlike the ease of learning to ride a bike or following a cake recipe, people looking to purchase real estate can be challenged by the lack of guidance and experience of buying in the property market for the first – or third – time. With these barriers, the emotions and stress of securing the “perfect” property can also prevent buyers from understanding the difference in state regulations and legalities that they need to be aware of when purchasing.

This was Daniel Rees’ driving force in establishing a buyers’ advocacy business, Rees Property Advocates (RPA). RPA focuses on the SE Queensland – Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Noosa regions, using their wealth of experience and expertise to give buyers the best advantage when buying in any marketplace, while ensuring their needs are represented.

For Daniel Rees, now director of Rees Property Advocates, their primary aim is to advocate for the buyer’s side, not the vendor’s side, and ensure that the interests of the buyer are protected.

“Whether it’s a new place to call home, or a new investment to hold and retain, we believe that buying property should always be a win,” Rees said.

Modern living, dining room and kitchen with garden view.

RPA’s point of difference is its service to customers. The team are 100 per cent for the purchaser, which is demonstrated through their personalised and tailored approach to each and every client, ensuring complete attention to each individual brief.

“We offer full transparency through searching, inspecting and researching the market, to share our findings with the client.

“We are available for regular discussions and understanding to keep the client informed through each step of the process,” Rees says.

As for living out the dream of buying property in Australia’s sunshine state, RPA refers to data and analytics on why Queensland is a great investment option, and then creates and executes the right search and buying strategy that aligns with clients’ individual needs and driving factors.

A luxurious villa with outside swimming pool.

After being in real estate and working for market leading agencies across Australia over the last 15 years, Daniel Rees believes in the power of ensuring the best client experience, from the comfort of all due diligence being handled correctly, to the satisfaction of securing the right property.

“It’s a life changing decision that helps pave the way for a future full of potential and prosperity, even if it’s not your first time in the market.

“We understand that buying property can often feel like a financial risk, but we believe that with the right representation, it doesn’t have to be that way.”

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