Tips for studying online

Tips for studying online

There are plenty of tips and tricks to successfully study from home.

Studying from home can be challenging with a lot of temptation around you. Unlimited supply of snacks, anyone? But there are ways to succeed with online learning.

1. Create a dedicated workspace

When studying from home, it can be tricky to separate ‘home life’ from ‘work life’. Which is why having a dedicated workspace can make a big difference, whether that’s a separate room, a nook or the dining table. When you have finished your classes for the day, physically being able to walk away from the space can help you switch off. Even if your workspace is your dining table, dedicate a specific spot on the dining table, and only sit there if you are studying. Biggest tip of all: don’t study on the bed or couch – those are your rest spots!

2. Settle into a routine

Studying online doesn’t mean you get to sit in your PJs all day. Follow the exact same routine you would if you were attending physical classes. Get up, get dressed, have breakfast and then head to your desk. Keeping a routine helps provide predictability and in turn creates neural pathways to become more efficient.

3. Remember to switch off

Taking regular breaks is critical. Stand up, walk around, even go outside for some sunshine and fresh air. It will do wonders for your concentration. Also, make sure you switch off when your classes are finished. Walk away from your study area and turn off your computer. Don’t check your course or work after a certain time, and get a good night’s sleep.

4. Try to avoid multitasking

It can be tempting to just pop a load of washing on or to quickly marinade the meat when you have two minutes to spare. But, avoid it if you can. When you’re at your desk, focus on your studies. Create a schedule so you can focus on one thing at a time – house chores, exercise and studying. Multitasking can be a big distraction.

5. Enjoy your studies

Take some time to really appreciate what you’re doing. You’ve chosen that course for a reason, so enjoy it!

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