Trump blessing Israel and the world

Trump blessing Israel and the world

'You don’t have to like Trump, but if you can’t identify anything you can commend him for, you are part of the problem'.

US President Donald Trump visits the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City on May 22, 2017. Photo: AFP Photo/Mandel Ngan
US President Donald Trump visits the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City on May 22, 2017. Photo: AFP Photo/Mandel Ngan

NO matter where you live in the world, you must have noticed your media only gives you a negative view on anything and everything Trump does. This fake news media bias is so overt that even when peace in the Middle East, the most spectacular event in the history of the world occurs it is barely covered because it is solely due to the efforts of Donald Trump and his team – and how do you cover it without giving Trump credit?

Seriously, not only are Arab leaders coming to the table one by one, but they are denouncing terror and signing education initiatives for their children to create global, peace curriculums in schools. They are also officially signing declarations to fight antisemitism! This shift in history will have repercussions into the future for many, many generations, and the so-called media is so biased against Donald Trump they cannot bear to do the stories exploring and endorsing this triumphant development that will have repercussions not only on the region, but globally. 

These Arab countries are not being altruistic, I am not that naive; they want to be safe and prosper and build a brighter future for their children, and they recognise that Israel and the United States, can bring them into the modern world and expedite their integration. They do not need to embrace western culture as a lifestyle, but their understanding that Islam can live in peace with the Western world is enormous, and the fact that they can make peace with a previous sworn enemy and see the reality of what is possible for the future for their people is huge. 

This shift was brought about by Donald J Trump, his first overseas trip was to Saudi Arabia and every Arab leader sat with him and his very Jewish family, in the same room, and came and shook their hand. That was surreal to me when it happened, but not even I, the eternal optimist, could foresee the unfolding of peace with Islamic countries throughout the Arab world. 

Make no mistake, these peace deals will benefit both Israel and each of the Arab countries participating, and it will also spread technology, innovation and raise the standard of living for everyone, across the world. The Arab world has great universities and brilliant thinkers in all areas of medicine, technology and science, but they have been politically constrained and not able to share their research and knowledge.  The deals currently being signed will allow collaboration and development with the outside world, and bring new possibilities into third world countries as well as enrich Israel, America and the world in general. 

That is only part of Donald Trump’s achievements in International platforms.  The deals he has renegotiated with China, and the rest of the world where America is no longer paying the bulk of the bill for international bodies including the UN and the Climate Accords, which America is still adhering to but without the enormous dollars it had to pay out to prop up others under ridiculous terms and conditions that can only be described as ‘chutzpah’ to be included in the first place. 

On the domestic front Trump has also implemented an enormous number of very positive changes that even Democrats would love, like making cruelty to animals a criminal offence. He signed a Save Our Seas Act to clean up the oceans, he signed the biggest Wilderness Protection and Conservation bill, he signed a bill that mandates airports to provide breast feeding areas for nursing mothers, he passed the Prison Reform Act and so much more. The military and veterans will benefit from his attention and initiatives for generations to come. 

You see, as a businessman, Trump knows you come in to work, to work, not to just have meetings and go out for lunch. Trump gets more done in a day than most politicians get done in a week. His focus is his goals, and he came into this job with a long list of things he wanted to get done to truly Make America Great again. 

Everything in life that makes your life better depends on the perspective you choose to see it through. You can focus on the rioting and looting and burning down of cities perpetrated by democrat supporters – whether under the banner of BLM or Antifa, it doesn’t matter the label they choose – their message is all negative, death and destruction, not alternatives, not reforms, no responsibility taken. They assert systematic racism of blacks, but ignore data, statistics and the fact that there are blacks in top positions of power in every industry across the United States, including a black President for two terms and police chiefs across the country. Don’t they even wonder how these blacks managed to get there if the racism is in fact that systemic?  

Stop repeating nonsense about Trump being racist, he has strong relationships with all nationalities going back to his youth, just Google his history yourself. Stop repeating misogyny when you can see strong, powerful women in key positions throughout his administration. Stop questioning his support of white supremacists when there are dozens of videos where he absolutely denounces them. Don’t blindly follow what you pick up around you, when everything is so one-sided, don’t you even begin to want to question it? 

Make a choice to focus on the positive. From that perspective find solutions for the things you don’t like in the world around you.  When you stop blaming someone else and take responsibility for yourself you get your power back and don’t need to be angry any more. You get to see ways to change yourself so those around you change. You don’t have to like Trump, but if you can’t identify anything you can commend him for, you are part of the problem.

Lily Steiner is an active member of the community, radio host on J-AIR and lifelong advocate for Israel.

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