Why does Paul Rudd look so young?
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Why does Paul Rudd look so young?

Photo: Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images for Disney via Kveller
Photo: Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images for Disney via Kveller

For years, many have wondered: what is former sexiest man alive Paul Rudd‘s secret to looking so young?

Does he keep a Dorian Gray-style portrait in his dressing room. Was he bitten by a particularly spry radioactive spider? Did he find the secret location of the fountain of youth? Was he kidnapped by aliens and released with extra-terrestrial anti-aging technology because they loved him in Clueless?

Turns out the real answer, according to Rudd, 53, is sleep…

In a recent interview with Men’s Health, Rudd, who stars in the Ant-Man franchise and was recently in Sydney for the premiere, does attribute his eternal boyish good looks to diet and cardio workouts, but more than anything, it’s catching that shut-eye.

“The most important part of training is sleep,” he said. “If you can somehow get eight hours of sleep…” Ha, definitely not a parent of young kids then!

To be fair, Paul Rudd’s kids are not keeping him or his wife, Julie Yaeger, awake at night anymore — at least not literally. At 17 and 13, Jack and Darby could be keeping their parents up with the usual worries about teens. But they’re spared the nightmares, the crying, the pitter-patter of small feet keeping them from sleep.

Still, as many parents will attest, the damage that years of lack of sleep have done to the body and face is definitely permanent at this point.

Is Paul Rudd’s true secret to his relatively unblemished face… never having gone on middle-of-the-night duty? Did Rudd not spend years trying to contort himself into a toddler bed just to get his kid to sleep? Inquiring minds want to know.

And while the Men’s Health article does quote other habits that Rudd credits for his youthful looks, it’s likely due to all of the above and, well, winning the genetic lottery — even if his British Jewish parents are literal cousins.

In fact, Rudd told Men’s Health that his grandfather, David Rudnitsky — who changed his name to David Rudd to make it less Jewish at a pretty antisemitic time in London — “would tour all over London as ‘The Strongest Man in England.’”

“He and my uncles would travel around and wrestle,” Rudd recounted. Yes, all these generations ago, the Rudds were already priming to star in a Marvel movie.

In a video for the magazine, Rudd talks about his diet, which can be pretty strict when he needs to prepare for a movie. In fact, Rudd revealed that he was particularly stressed about getting in shape for shirtless scenes in the latest Ant-Man installment, but those scenes were cut from the movie.

Rudd says that even when he is at his strictest, he does allow himself what those who live in the world of diet culture call “a cheat meal” because “it’s good for your head and it’s delicious.”

There is one daily diet habit that he has picked up from his Jewish dad: drinking a daily cup of coffee, or ten — with no milk or other frills. Rudd, who was raised mostly in New Jersey and Kansas City, says his parents kept sugary cereal and soda in the house, and, as a result, he’s not really a fan. In fact, he likes old man cereals. He also loves beets. We love that there’s an old Jewish man living inside this sprightly body.

At the end of the day, Rudd has some pretty good diet advice for all of us: “Cut yourself a break, you’re a human being, we’re all human beings, we’ve gotta enjoy our lives, but when you’re not enjoying your life — try salmon.”



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