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Thursday, September 21, 2023
Failed to protect them
Court finds against Brighton
By Bruce Hill
After the judge left the courtroom last Thursday in the case against Brighton Secondary College and Victoria’s Department of Education, there was a round of applause and several people present burst into a spontaneous chorus of Hatikvah.
The community reacts / Calls for greater antisemitism education
Our say / Victory
More Iran sanctions
‘We encourage the government to go further’
By Peter Kohn
Canberra announced more Iran sanctions on the first anniversary of the incarceration that led to the death of 22-year-old Iranian woman Mahsa Amini.
Sanctions not enough / Australian Government announces sanctions on Iran
By Sharyn Kolieb
Extremist candidate makes vile remarks
By Peter Kohn
A candidate for the local council in Busselton, Western Australia, has urged like-minded extremists with low profiles to seek election to council by hiding their views.
Global recognition for Alex Ryvchin
By Carly Adno
The ECAJ co-CEO said he is honoured to have been named in the Jerusalem Post’s list of the top 25 young visionaries around the world.
Jewish "mishpochah" / Skovron recognised as top innovator
By Carly Adno
Vale Bern Brent
Farewell to Australia’s last Dunera Boy
By Carly Adno
Bern Brent, who had previously said that being sent to Australia was “the best thing that could have happened to me,” has passed away at the age of 100.
Vale Harry Fransman / Beloved Holocaust survivor dies aged 100
By Shane Desiatnik
'Couldn't stop crying' / Miracle letter discovered
By Shane Desiatnik
Waller joins Supreme Court
By Peter Kohn
Communal stalwart Ian Waller has become 11th Jewish legal figure to serve on the bench during a history spanning more than one-and-a-half centuries.
Innovation synergy
Branching out in Australia
By Shane Desiatnik
'Shaped my life'
My Israel Story – ‘A buzz unlike anywhere else’
By Lani Brayer
In the 1970s, Lani Brayer’s family uprooted from Australia to live in Israel. What ensued was an experience that would pave the path to her future.
'Unique, special place' / My Israel Story – ‘I’ll never forget the excitement’
By Susie Klein
'Inherently connected' / My Israel Story – ‘Like no other place in the world’
By Ruby Borer
Safeguarding democracy
When Bibi met Biden
By LAZAR BERMAN and Jacob Magid
“We will continue to uphold the values that both our proud democracies cherish…”
Rare English remarks / MBS: Israel and Saudi Arabia moving closer to normalisation ‘every day’
By Jacob Magid
‘Untenable’ / Meeting Guterres, Netanyahu demands UN ‘change attitude’ toward Israel
Assembly sidelines
Hundreds protest as Bibi meets world leaders
“If there won’t be equality, we’ll take down the government, you came down on the wrong generation.”
PM's u-turn / PM says original overhaul proposal ‘was bad,’ but must fix how Israel chooses judges
'Wrong assessments'
Almost all Yom Kippur War files declassified
Coming to the movies
A deep dive into JIFF
By Jessica Abelsohn
The Jewish International Film Festival is always a firm favourite in the yearly calendar. The AJN spoke to artistic director, Eddie Tamir, about this year’s program, his favourites and why it was so important to have Australian-developed films included.
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