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Friday, August 19, 2022
NSW makes history
‘Game-changing’ bill bans Nazi symbols
By Carly Adno
The bill deliberately takes the approach of not defining the term ‘Nazi symbol’ to ensure that the offence is broad enough to capture all relevant traditional, well-known symbols associated with the Nazi regime, and not just the Nazi Hakenkreuz.
Support for children
Towards a soft landing
By Peter Kohn
Parachute is a not-for-profit NGO that awards micro-grants to traumatised children in financially challenged families, so they can continue to take part in enjoyable activities.
'poor compliance history'
Report recommends closure
By Carly Adno
The long-term future of Yeshiva College Bondi hangs in the balance after the NCAT recommended its registration be cancelled for non-compliance.
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Anti-Israel motion adopted
Jewish leaders condemn student union
By Peter Kohn
‘Motions like this do nothing for Palestinians, but they make life on campus more dangerous for Jews’
University of Melbourne / ‘Blatantly antisemitic’ motion rescinded
By Gareth Narunsky
UMSU Israel-Palestine motion / Student sues union
By Mia Gardiner
Changing of the guard
NSW JBD elects new president
‘I acknowledge the outstanding work of my predecessors in leading the NSW Jewish community and ensuring it is the vibrant, safe and strong community that it is today’
'We are in safe hands' / Outgoing president honoured
Constant support for community
Kharkiv rebbetzin provides update
‘It’s a little bit hard for people to believe that every single day there is still bombing going on in the city and unfortunately the world doesn’t have the power to stop it’
'They just keep hoping' / ‘Our focus now is humanitarian help’
By Gareth Narunsky
Terror in Jerusalem
‘Screams of terror’ as shots fired at bus
Suspected terrorist waited for bus to stop outside Jerusalem Old City, opened fire in 2 scenes and fled; manhunt underway; ‘I jumped inside the bus and lay low,’ says passenger.
Bus shooting in Jerusalem / Brothers injured in Jerusalem shooting reunite in hospital after ‘miracle’ survival
Jerusalem shooting / Terrorist in Jerusalem shooting turns himself in to police
'unbearable' use of term
Abbas causes shock in Berlin
Causing shock across the world, while in Berlin recently, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas says Israel committed ‘Holocausts’.
‘We’re all in this together’
By Gareth Narunsky
Ahead of his appearance at JNF Australia annual events next month, Anti-Defamation League (ADL) CEO Jonathan Greenblatt spoke to The AJN.
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