'Don't wait around''We never know what's going to happen'

Young Hatzolah responder awarded

As no one knows what's going to happen in life, Levy's rationale is everyone should take every chance they have to help somebody.

Glen Eira Young Citizen of the Year Jared Levy with Glen Eira Lord Mayor Anne-Marie Cade.
Glen Eira Young Citizen of the Year Jared Levy with Glen Eira Lord Mayor Anne-Marie Cade.

In times when community spirit is more important than ever, Jared Levy exemplifies what it means to be dedicated and altruistic.

Recently named the City of Glen Eira Young Citizen of the Year, Levy’s award acknowledges how dedicated he is to his volunteer work as an emergency responder with Hatzolah Melbourne, an organisation that provides emergency medical response and support in our local community.

As no one knows what’s going to happen in life, Levy’s rationale is everyone should take every chance they have to help somebody, do something good, or just get out and go for a walk, whatever they feel they can manage, as soon as possible. “Don’t wait around for somebody else or the next opportunity to come. Because, as we all know, life’s very short, we never know what’s going to happen.”

He always wanted to be a volunteer at Hatzolah. “I was sending emails to them when I was 10 years old or around that time,” he confessed. When Hatzolah helped his grandparents here and in America, he thought if people could do that for his family, surely he should be there for somebody else’s family when needed.

Over the last few years, his involvement with Hatzolah has seen him grow into a pivotal team member, often being one of the first responders to critical situations. His calm demeanour and quick thinking have been instrumental in saving lives and providing comfort to those in distress.

In his award acceptance speech, Levy humbly credited his achievements to the support of his family and the collaborative spirit of the Hatzolah Melbourne team. “Hatzolah is the real hero, they are like my second family,” he said. “We support each other throughout every call.”

The City of Glen Eira has not only honoured Levy but has also spotlighted the invaluable work of Hatzolah Melbourne, bringing attention to the importance of community-based emergency response services.

As Levy continues his journey, his award as Young Citizen of the Year stands as a reminder of the power of volunteerism and the impact of selfless service. His dedication to Hatzolah Melbourne exemplifies the essence of community spirit, and his story is a powerful reminder that every act of kindness, no matter how small, can make a significant difference. “I look forward to the future, continuing doing what I love and making a difference in this community,” he said.

This award recognises not only his commitment to Hatzolah Melbourne but also his broader contributions to the community. His volunteer work is characterised by a deep sense of responsibility and a genuine desire to help others. Whether it’s responding to medical emergencies, offering support during crises, standing by at community events, or educating others about first aid and emergency preparedness, his impact is profound and far-reaching.

To support all volunteer responders this EOFY please go to charidy.com/hatz

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