10,000 more reservists called up

The Knesset authorised the government’s request to call up another 10,000 reservists on Monday morning (Australian time).

The request came on the same day that Israel’s struck more than 50 targets in Gaza overnight, including senior Hamas operative Muhammed al-Aoul, who is responsible for transferring funds.

Meanwhile, Hamas continued to rain down mortar shells on communities bordering Gaza, injuring three Israelis at the Erez crossing.

Mortar shells made up the overwhelming majority of the projectiles fired into Israel out of Gaza on Monday morning (Australian time), accounting for at least 80 out of 117 attacks, according to the IDF Spokesman’s Office.

While the rockets continued, Hamas’ leader Khaled Mashaal told Iranian TV late Sunday that resistance is the only effective means to secure its demands from Israel, and rejected the option of returning to the negotiating table.

“The negotiations did not succeed because Israel did not want to give a positive answer to the reasonable requests of the Palestinians,” Marshaal said according to a translation provided by Ynet.

“We know resistance is the only way to break free of the burden of the Zionist regime.”

The Qatar-based official also addressed the recent wave of executions of alleged Palestinian “collaborators” with Israel.

He said Hamas has managed to “purify” the Palestinians of its “spies.”

Obtaining information on the Palestinians through its intelligence has always been “a strong point of the Zionist regime,” Mashaal added.


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