Future Jews 2048

Future Jews 2048

The Australian Jewish News, in collaboration with global business futurist Morris Miselowski, have launched an 8-part web series called Future Jews 2048 and is seeking Guest Panellists.

Morris Misel (Miselowski) unleashes possibilities by breaking with convention.

For over 30 years he’s influenced the thinking of some of the world’s biggest organisations and brands to see what tomorrow might look like – long before they experience it.

Morris also shares his practical insights across the global stage and international media outlets, and is recognised for his energy, depth-of-knowledge and foresights.

He was born to be a futurist. The son of Holocaust survivors, who had seen the world crumbling around them, he grew up in a household that believed there would always be a better tomorrow.

This belief has become his lifelong passion.

To get to where he is, Morris has worn many hats. By the age of 18, he was living the entrepreneurial life running a direct mail business. However, moving from his garage-bound business to the global stage and Board Rooms, including delivering a TEDx talk, took a few more steps.

He spent many years as an academic in management and marketing and even ventured behind prison bars for a decade, to co-found and run Victoria’s first volunteer Jewish Prison Chaplaincy Service.

He’s also Australia’s first and only futurist in the Einstein 100 Genius (G100) alumni, an honour he shares with the exceptional, Barbara Streisand and is an Industry Fellow with Griffith University.

Webisode 1: Religion, Culture, Family & Community

In this first episode, Global Futurist Morris Miselowski chats to Monash University’s Prof Andrew Markus, Rabbi Alon Meltzer from Shalom and New York-based Sarah Eisenman from JDC.

Webisode 2: Women

In the second episode, Morris chats to Israel TV News’ Sivan Rahav-Meir, Professor Kim Rubenstein from the University of Canberra and Noa Abrahams from Jewish Women of Words.

Webisode 3: Global & Local Jewish Social Impact & Influence

In this third episode, Morris Miselowski chats to TikTok Europe’s Michal Oshman, Vedran Drakulic of Gandel Philanthropy and Tracie Olcha, CEO of Australian Jewish Funders.

Webisode 4: Jewish Assimilation

In this fourth episode, Morris Miselowski chats to Moishe House’s David Goldberg, Melbourne playwright Joanna Murray-Smith and Rabbi Yaakov Glasman, from St Kilda Shule.

Webisode 5: Education

In the fifth episode, Morris Miselowski chats to UJEB’s Gabi Crafti, Trawalla Group’s Alan Schwartz and Adam Hyman, from Mount Scopus Memorial College.

Webisode 6: Holocaust

In the fifth episode, Morris Miselowski chats to UJEB’s Gabi Crafti, Trawalla Group’s Alan Schwartz and Adam Hyman, from Mount Scopus Memorial College.



About the series

The series of fireside chats seek to inspire, inform and provoke a pragmatic forward-looking community discussion about the possible futures of Jews and Judaism in Australia and globally.

Each month Morris will be joined by 3 guests, each sharing their topic specific foresights on the possibilities, opportunities and concerns that may be ahead.

AJN readers will be encouraged to debate the monthly issue and share their opinions.

Proposed topics include:

  • Religion, Culture, Family & Community
  • Women & Gender
  • Global and local influence and impact
  • Assimilation and antisemitism
  • Education
  • Jewish Australia 2048
  • Israel
  • Technology’s impact

Meet the advisors

Andrew Markus

Andrew Markus

Emeritus Professor, AO, FASSA

Andrew Markus is Emeritus Professor in Monash University’s Faculty of Arts. Since 2004 he has been a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia. His research specialisation is in the field of racial and ethnic relations, ethnic communities, and immigration. Andrew has extensive experience researching Australian public opinion. He has played a leading role in the two national surveys on attitudes within the Jewish community, Gen08 and Gen17, and is the senior researcher on the Scanlon Foundation social cohesion project, which has conducted annual surveys since 2009.

Rabbi Alon Meltzer

Alon Meltzer

Rabbi / Director of Programs at Shalom

Rabbi Alon Meltzer is the Rabbi of Or Chadash Synagogue and Director of Programs at Shalom. He is originally from New Zealand, but has been in Australia since arriving in Canberra in 2014 to be the Rabbi of the ACT Jewish Community. He has an MA in Sociology from the University of Auckland, and an MA in Medieval Jewish History from Yeshiva University. He was ordained at Yeshiva University, the flagship institution of Modern Orthodoxy in New York, and is pursuing a Doctorate of Philosophy in Law from LaTrobe University. He is a community builder, modern thinker and most importantly father to three girls.

Tracie Olcha

Tracie Olcha

CEO Australian Jewish Funders

Tracie Olcha is CEO at the Australian Jewish Funders (AJF), a membership organisation of Jewish social investors. AJF is the network inspiring effective philanthropy and strengthening community. Tracie works closely with the AJF network, philanthropic foundations and a multitude of organisations throughout Australia, the US, Israel and Asia to promote strategic, effective philanthropy and support their journey towards impactful giving across the generations. She is all about empowering community members to create meaningful and relevant Jewish experiences for themselves and their peers and is the visionary behind LaunchPad – A Platform for Jewish Community Innovation.

Alex Ryvchin

Alex Ryvchin

Co-Chief Executive Officer, ECAJ

Alex Ryvchin is co-Chief Executive Officer of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry and the author of two internationally acclaimed books of history and politics, “The Anti-Israel Agenda – Inside the Political War on the Jewish State”, (Gefen Publishing House, 2017) and “Zionism – The Concise History” (Connor Court Publishing, 2019). He is the also author of the international bestseller, “A New Day” (Yogi Books, 2020) written during the Coronavirus Pandemic to help families overcome adversity. ​ He writes for leading publications and speaks, debates and teaches around the world on the Arab-Israeli conflict, foreign and national affairs, antisemitism and the Holocaust, and religion and identity, and is a regular commentator on TV and radio.

Paul Israel

Paul Israel

Executive Director, IACC

Paul Israel, born in Melbourne has lived over 30 years in Israel, he is the Executive Director of the Israel-Australia, New-Zealand & Oceania Chamber of Commerce, an Independent, Non-Profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of bi-lateral trade and relations. For the past two decades, Paul has assisted Israeli and Australasian companies do business with each other by helping with key introductions, and matchmaking. Mr Israel has spent most of his career giving advice to Executives from both countries, helping with strategy, planning, innovation, technology scouting, in-country support, cultural differences and most importantly building relationships including investments that add real value and stand the test of time. Paul has hosted over 5,000 visitors from Australasia, such as- Prime Ministers, Federal & State Ministers, Politicians, Business-people, Senior Executives, Investors, leading Academics and Communal Leaders. Paul has a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and Bachler of Arts (Psychology) from Monash University. Paul lives in Rehovot (South of Tel-Aviv) with his wife- Sigal & their three boys, Shalev- 18, Naveh- 16 & Afek- 13.

Paul Israel

Sarah Eisenman

Chief Community and Jewish Life Officer, Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA)

Sarah is the Chief Community and Jewish Life Officer for the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA). Prior to that she spent 19 years at JDC where she was both the Founder and Executive Director of Entwine and an Assistant Executive Vice President at JDC. In her role, she was responsible for the overall vision, strategy, and success of Entwine. Sarah joined JDC in 2002 and previously was the Senior Global Program Officer in JDC’s Program, Planning, and Budget Department, where she played a key role in JDC’s annual global strategic review and planning process. In her work Sarah has traveled extensively, including to India, Turkey, Haiti, Morocco, Ethiopia, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Sarah has received several honors; in 2011 she was named by the Jerusalem Post as one of ten young Jewish leaders for the future, and received the Jewish Communal Service Association’s Young Professional Award. Sarah is also an alumna of Kivun and is a Schusterman Fellow. Sarah has a Master’s degree in Jewish Studies from Oxford University, and a BA in History from the University of California, Berkeley. She is a member of Congregation Rodeph Sholom in New York City and also serves on a variety of committees at Rodeph Sholom School.

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