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Future Jews 2048 – Webisode 5: Education

In the fifth episode, Morris Miselowski chats to UJEB's Gabi Crafti, Trawalla Group's Alan Schwartz and Adam Hyman, from Mount Scopus Memorial College.

Jewish Education – the role, purpose and potential providers and users of a Jewish Education between now and 2048.

This series of fireside chats seek to inspire, inform and provoke a pragmatic forward-looking community discussion about the possible futures of Jews and Judaism in Australia and globally.

Each month Morris will be joined by 3 guests, each sharing their topic-specific foresights on the possibilities, opportunities and concerns that may be ahead.

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Morris Miselowski

Global Business Futurist

Morris Misel (Miselowski) unleashes possibilities by breaking with convention.

For over 30 years he’s influenced the thinking of some of the world’s biggest organisations and brands to see what tomorrow might look like – long before they experience it.

Morris also shares his practical insights across the global stage and international media outlets, and is recognised for his energy, depth-of-knowledge and foresights.

He was born to be a futurist. The son of Holocaust survivors, who had seen the world crumbling around them, he grew up in a household that believed there would always be a better tomorrow.

This belief has become his lifelong passion.

To get to where he is, Morris has worn many hats. By the age of 18, he was living the entrepreneurial life running a direct mail business. However, moving from his garage-bound business to the global stage and Board Rooms, including delivering a TEDx talk, took a few more steps.

He spent many years as an academic in management and marketing and even ventured behind prison bars for a decade, to co-found and run Victoria’s first volunteer Jewish Prison Chaplaincy Service.

He’s also Australia’s first and only futurist in the Einstein 100 Genius (G100) alumni, an honour he shares with the exceptional, Barbara Streisand and is an Industry Fellow with Griffith University.



Gabi Crafti

Commercial Law Barrister

A commercial law barrister, Gabi Crafti is passionate about Jewish education, having graduated from the Jewish day school system and youth movements.
She is currently the sitting president of the United Jewish Education Board (UJEB), which provides formal and informal Jewish education to learners outside the Jewish day school system.
UJEB has transomed into a dynamic educational institution, focused on strengthening Jewish identity, engagement, community and inclusivity through social, educational and leadership programs.

Alan Schwartz OAM

Capitalist, Philanthropist and Social Activist

Alan Schwartz’s professional life has translated from entrepreneur and business builder to active investor, philanthropist and social activist.
Alan has enjoyed the complex satisfaction of contributing to the not-for-profit sector.
He contributed to the creation of Jewish Care and merger of Jewish Community Services and Montefiore Homes, and was appointed its inaugural President and Life Member, and capital appeal patron.
Alan is the past Chair of Philanthropy Australia. He and his wife Carol established the Trawler Foundation in 2004 as a vehicle for the family’s philanthropic activities. In recognition of his contribution to community and to business, he was awarded the Centenary Medal in 2003, followed by an Order of Australia in 2007.

Adam Hyman

VCE Teacher, Mount Scopus Memorial College

Adam Hyman is a teacher at Mount Scopus Memorial College, teaching Jewish studies in Years 7-10 and VCE religion and society.

Having also worked as a primary school teacher, he is originally from Sydney and soon celebrates 10 years of aliya to Melbourne.

He has studied at several yeshivot in Israel and has lived and contributed to the Jewish communities of Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Hong Kong, New York and Jerusalem.

He believes strongly in the unique culture of the Australian Jewish community. When he’s not in the classroom, Adam spends his time pondering the challenges of contemporary education while creating programs that will inspire and challenge young minds.


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