Mitzvah Day

A day for doing good deeds

Mitzvah Day organisers are calling on the community once again to take part in an international day of volunteering on Sunday, November 21.

Mitzvah Day volunteers.
Mitzvah Day volunteers.

AS we near the end of the year, the community will be given a chance to reconnect again on Mitzvah Day – an annual event where groups and people of all ages and abilities, around Australia and internationally, join together to spend one day volunteering in a variety of projects.

The special day, which will be held on Sunday, November 21, brings the community together, young and old and from many diverse backgrounds.

More than 40,000 people across 24 countries participate each year on this day of volunteering and connecting with others.

To get involved in Mitzvah Day, organisations, groups or individuals must first decide on an activity they will perform or a charity they wish to help.

Examples include holding a ‘cookathon’ or a ‘collectathon’ for a particular charity, organising a clean up of a park or at a beach, or simply making a card or a cake for someone who would appreciate such a thoughtful gesture.

Once you register your project on the Mitzvah Day website, you will be sent a Welcome Pack and free merchandise including the distinctive green T-shirts to wear on the day, plus stickers.

Projects from past Mitzvah Days have focused on reducing hardship and poverty, helping the environment and bringing joy through volunteering.

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