A sustainable power source
Golden Years

A sustainable power source

COA has gone sustainable, installing solar panels. But then again, thanks to volunteers, the service has always been sustainable.

COA has exciting news – they’ve just gone sustainable!

That’s right, COA is getting solar panels on the roof, thanks to the volunteers, donors, and grants that made it happen. There is so much in the news these days about being environmentally friendly and using sustainable energy.

But the truth for COA is that they have been sustainable for 40 years. That’s not talking about power from the wind or sun, that’s about the power that sustains COA as an organisation. The truly sustainable power comes from the hundreds of volunteers who deliver the vast majority of COA’s services.

You might be a COA volunteer yourself but if not, you almost certainly know one, or several. COA volunteers come from all walks of life, from kindy kids to active retirees in their golden years. You may see them visiting elderly family, friends or neighbours or you may notice them driving with a COA Kosher Meals on Wheels sign in their window. But be careful if you ask them about their volunteer work because once they tell you how meaningful it is, you’ll want to become one, too.

There is no COA program or service that volunteers don’t help make a reality. Parents and grandparents bring children along to help deliver Kosher Meals on Wheels. Community members ride along as helpers during bus outings, dance to live music in the Krygier Centre, and even help prepare meals. Volunteers also help in the office, from folding and mailing newsletters, to sitting on committees. COA volunteers go above and beyond in their love of Sydney’s Jewish seniors.

Did you know the COA Fresh program is receiving donations from Patrick’s on Bellevue thanks to a volunteer who couldn’t stop raving to them about the amazing program he helps deliver? When one program was in danger of ceasing due to a sudden stop in funding, another volunteer asked someone he knew for help – and now that critical program can continue to function thanks to generous donations. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Becoming a volunteer is also a great way to enjoy your golden years.

COA will help you live your dreams. If you dream of being the coordinator of a book club or running a kaluki group, COA will help make it happen. Whether it’s making phone calls to keep the lonely company or organising stimulating discussion groups, there really is an opportunity for everyone to volunteer. And with time on your hands post-retirement, COA is dedicated to making sure your golden years can be spent having fun and making this world and our community an even more wonderful place.

For more information contact COA on (02) 9389 0035 or s.peirson@coasydney.org

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