ABC: ‘Deeply disappointing’ how meeting was characterised
Aunty’s clarification

ABC: ‘Deeply disappointing’ how meeting was characterised

The ABC says the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) misrepresented its position after a meeting with the roof body.

THE ABC says the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) misrepresented its position in a statement about a meeting between the communal roof body and the broadcaster.

ECAJ consultant Vic Alhadeff said earlier this week that in the meeting, ABC managing director David Anderson “readily acknowledged that Aunty’s coverage of the recent Israel-Gaza conflict had contained “many errors” for which he apologised”.

ECAJ president Jillian Segal added, “Anderson was keen to explore specific constructive steps to prevent a recurrence of the problems we raised and improve the quality of the ABC’s news coverage.

“Despite the obvious difficulties, we have secured a commitment for follow-up meetings and engagement with both key ABC staff and leadership and have reason to hope for a productive outcome.”

But while it said the meeting was “cordial, constructive and held in good faith” in a statement on Wednesday, the ABC said its position “has been misrepresented”.

“The ABC acknowledged that additional context added to articles had improved understanding of the issues and a small number of minor errors, mostly around the nuance in the use of contested terms, had been included following the initial complaints,” the ABC said.

“The ABC has provided extensive coverage of the Israel/Gaza conflict, unparalleled in the Australian media. 

“The events have been covered to an outstanding standard and in the public interest. The ABC totally supports the reporting and analysis provided by its journalists.”

Aunty added that some complaints “from both sides of the debate” were still being investigated.

“It is deeply disappointing how the meeting was characterised,” the statement concluded. 

“The ABC would like to be able to meet with any community representatives to hear any and all concerns in good faith in the future.”

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